The Hobbit

Filmmaker Peter Jackson could have saved himself a lot of time and money by forgoing his long-winded adaption of The Lord of the Rings trilogy in favor its predecessor, The Hobbit. As we write, we can hear a cacophony of fan boys cursing us in Elvish. Sorry fellas, but The Hobbit was all we ever needed, and we're finally getting it—Jackson's film version is currently in production. To the point and succinct, it offers everything the trilogy does—Orc battles, wizardry and Gollum—without the need for a complex bathroom break schedule. So while you're waiting for the cinematic version, head on down to the Maverick Theater for a live re-imagining of the one novel to rule them all. If you don't like it, the message boards will be waiting when you get home.

Fridays-Sundays. Starts: June 1. Continues through July 14, 2012

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