The Habit Offering Free Charburgers With $2 Donation to Nonprofit

Any talk of burgers–sacred food of 'Murrica–tends to bring out people's passionate side, where even those with the calmest dispositions will write comments in ALL CAPS on our articles fighting for their favorite burger joint (“In-N-Out sucks! Five Guys is way better! Don't tell anyone, but I like The Habit better than In-N-Out.” Sound familiar?) But when things are both free and for a good cause, it's time to put that fire aside and just appreciate what's being offered. That's right–until the end of September, The Habit is offering a free Charburger with cheese your next visit if you donate $2 to No Kid Hungry, a national nonprofit whose goal is ending child hunger and making sure all kids have access to nutritional food. Everyone wins!


You can get this voucher once a day, so estimate how many Charburgers you're willing to eat this month and proceed accordingly. Maybe, just maybe, this is the beginning of the end–you know, when In-N-Out fanatics, Five Guys supporters, and other burger groupies can sit side by side and not fight–all with a Charburger in hand.

At least, until Shake Shack LA opens, anyway.

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