The Guardian on TBN's Holy Land Experience Theme Park in Orlando

We're all working past the fifteenth tamale here, so excuse us if we're almost a week late to the hilarious write-up that the British paper The Guardian did on the Holy Land Experience, the Orlando fundamentalist Christian theme park owned and operated by our Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Reporter Tanya Gold, in classic British travel-writing snobbery mode, eviscerates the Crouches and their park–she calls Jan Crouch “an evil Dolly Parton,” and lays on the insults almost as thick as Jan's mascara.

You almost feel bad for the people who go here (few, and almost all “elderly white couples,” Gold asserts) until you remember–this is TBN Crazy Christian Land.

Gold chats with a shopkeeper “dressed like a first century Jew,” who says she's never been to Disney World because God told her not to go. Why? Because it's full of “gays pawing each other.”

“That is the thing about Religious Fundamentalists,” Gold sighs. “Just when you think they are OK because they are well-mannered or kindly looking, or simply don't hit you with a stick, they remind you of their intolerance. Don't cross them, in a pun or anywhere else.”

Read the rest of the HILARIOUS piece here.

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