The Great Awakening at Steamer's Jazz Club, Our Drink of the Week!

When the Great Awakening arrives at your table sitting in a champagne coupe, all a-glistening in the candlelight, the first thing you should do is smell it. Clean citrus gathers in your nose and eventually coalesces into the scent of a wonderful, alcoholic creamsicle. The drink is a pale, canary yellow in color, with a generous layer of creamy-white foam, and looks like something Marie Antoinette would drink while sitting on a plump, gilded cushion. Buffalo Trace and Nouvelle-Orléans absinthe are shaken with a Lillet Blanc reduction, Cointreau, lemon, and an egg white to make the foam.

But, wait: this is Steamer's, the legendary jazz club that has held hip down in downtown Fullerton almost longer than everyone! Recently, bartenders Sean Schickling and Lucie Wood overhauled the cocktail menu to ride the craft booze wave. They based their Great Awakening off of a Prohibition-era cocktail called the Corpse Reviver 2, but gave it a much more romantic name.

It tastes like a lemon meringue pie in a glass, and Lucie calls it “the ultimate morning drink.”
Similar to an Orange Julius, its light citrus flavor is refreshing and balanced, and the egg white foam lingers on your palate in creamy comfort. Lucie says that most OC residents are still uncomfortable with the thought of drinking raw egg-white, but trust us: people have been drinking fizzes since before the Volstead Act. “Besides,” Lucie says laughing, “the amount of alcohol in there would kill anything off.” So stop being an anti-fizz-ite, and drink!

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