The Grand Finale – Detroit Bar – February 28, 2014

The Grand Finale (Abstract Workshop and Dirty Science)
Detroit Bar
February 28, 2014

Orange County D.J. collectives Abstract Workshop and Dirty Science closed out Detroit Bar's 13 year history with a bang to the beat of classic hip-hop tracks last Friday night. The packed house barely fit into the balmy interior of what was left of Detroit Bar as hundreds of people dwarfed the average sized venue's capacity on the cold and rainy evening. Getting a drink at the bar was, how should we say this…a challenge. But considering it was the bar's last hurrah, most people didn't let a little struggle for booze get in the way of a good time.

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“Tonight it is the last night, this is it,” said Detroit Bar talent booker Eric Keilman. ” That's why it's so barren in here,” referring to the noticeable lack of furniture and decorations. “It only takes four walls to put on a good show, it's just about the music.”

Dynamic duo Blu and Exile owned the stage with energy that made even the oldest fart shake in the room their tail feathers while artist Dumperfoo painted images of J. Dilla live. Hands and fists pumped high while the duo threw down some serious tracks equipped with in-your-face energy and lyrics that lasted long into the night. Not going to lie, I was wondering when Blu might actually take a breath! Inside that tall, lanky frame hides a set of lungs stocked with enough air to rap until next year!

Throughout the evening, Abstract Workshop's 16-year run with Detroit Bar featured class acts like DJ Hyder, DJ Scotty Coats, DJ Cocoe and Delmos Wade adding funky fresh sounds to the turntables. Each DJ showcased their personality through classic tracks straight from J. Dilla anthologies, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde and stretched all the way to sounds from Talking Heads and Simple Minds. And where would an Abstract Workshop night be without classic tracks from James Brown and Al Green's “Let's Stay Together.”

The dedicated few stuck around for Detroit Bar's final hours to take in some more funky old school tracks from Abstract. As I looked around the crowd, people exchanged smiles, high-fives, hugs and story while Detroit Bar staff broke down remaining tables and chairs. A warm genuine feeling swept over me as I realized there are still people out there who care simply about the music, who barely need four walls to show their love for their musical roots
So cest la vie, Detroit Bar! We will see what lies ahead for The Wayfarer.

Critical Bias: I've had the pleasure of enjoying Abstract Workshop's D.J. stylings for a long time…made a lot of friends along the way
Crowd: Nothing but family…but in case you're really wondering: B-boys and girls, Costa Mesa hipsters wearing black cigarette jeans with DSLRs in tow and older folks (Abstract Workshop has been around for a while).

Overheard: “I feel like I'm watching child pornography.” said one girl about two petite girls making out.

Random Notebook Dump: Some small petite girl had a case of “little chick syndrome” and was bumping chests with every guy that was taller than her…she was the same girl who made out another girl.

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