The Game's 10 Greatest Beefs

Beef is as much a part of hip-hop as it is meatloaf, and nobody does beef like the Game. Before the rapper takes the stage at the Observatory tonight, we wanted to look back on some of our favorite feuding moments of his. Hate it or love it, here are the Game's 10 greatest beefs.

10. G-Unit Over the course of his career, the Game has gone back and forth countless times on whether or not he hates everyone associated with his old crew, G-Unit. None of these beefs (except for that whole 50 Cent one) evolved into much, but just for calling out Mobb Deep (and several others), it has to be mentioned.

9. Suge Knight If there's anyone rapper more famous for fighting people than the Game, it's Suge Knight. From the Game's diss on “My Bitch” (which also disses two other rappers on this list) to his crew getting into a fight with security on one of the nights Suge Knight got shot (but probably not actually being involved), the whole thing was pretty solid.

8. Stitches You may not have heard of Stitches (that's alright, you didn't miss much), but he's the guy who claimed to sleep with Kylie Jenner to start a beef with Tyga. When that didn't work well enough, Stitches decided to make some photoshopped Instagram DMs from the Game, and of course the Game engaged. The beef became more of a quick trip to the slaughterhouse when the Game posted a pair of profane insult-laden rants (including maybe the toughest mention of Girl Scouts ever), and Stitches scurried back to obscurity shortly thereafter. If we're lucky, 2016 might see them go toe to toe in the boxing ring. One Can only hope.

7. Jay Z Another rapper mentioned on “My Bitch,” Jay Z seemed to be the Game's dream beef for a long time before Hova finally caved. Of course, when Jay finally mentioned the Game, it was to say he wouldn't be responding to the one-sided beef. Eventually, the Game said it wasn't anything personal and realized Mr. Knowles wouldn't lock horns with him.

6. 2Eleven As one of Young Jeezy's disciples, 2Eleven probably thought he had a good shot at becoming the next big thing. Unfortunately, he's now known as the guy the Game knocked out at Lil Wayne's birthday party. According to 2Eleven, it was a suckerpunch for no reason. According to the Game, 2Eleven was running his mouth and Lil Wayne even gave him permission to interrupt his party with the ass-whooping. Ain't no party like a Lil Tunechi party.

5. Shyne When Shyne attacked Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid, m.A.A.d City, the Game stood up for his LA brethren. Although Shyne did his best to take down the Game with the track “Bury Judas,” the Game's comment about prison making shyne a “low-key butt pirate” will always be remembered as the definitive blow in the battle.

4. Chris Brown For all of the people Chris Brown has pissed off over the years, the Game had never been one of them. That all changed a couple months ago when the Game started following and liking some of Karrueche's photos on Instagram. Even though she and Brown were already broken up, Brown took offense to it and posted a comment indirectly throwing shade at the Game. The Game responded, but the whole thing happened over social media, and no one got directly mentioned, so does that make it a sub-beef?

3. 40 Glocc Just watch the video of the Game terrifying, beating, and yelling at 40 Glocc. It's really all you need to know.

2. Young Thug When Young Thug's friendship with Lil Wayne soured, his beef with the Game began. What began as a few words being exchanged back and forth turned into the rappers sending videos featuring guns to one another (and terrifying those around them). The feud is temporarily on a break, but it's hard to believe that this beef will ever really be fully squashed.

1. 50 Cent When the Padawan turns on the Master, things can get ugly. Although recently settled (except when the Game gets drunk, apparently), the war between the two former associates raged for a decade as one of the biggest beefs in history. What started as a mere scheduling conflict (the believed beginning to the feud was the release of 50 Cent's The Massacre getting delayed due to the Game's The Documentary), escalated into dozens upon dozens of diss tracks, quotes, and social media blasts. If these two can be friends, maybe there really is a chance at peace in the Middle East.

The Game performs at the Observatory tonight at 8 p.m. For full details, click here.

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