The Funniest Tweets From The 2017 Grammy Awards

If you missed last night’s 59th annual Grammy’s Awards hosted by carpool karaoke’s own James Corden, let us give you a quick recap. A slew of (dead) icons were honored (R.I.P. y’all), Chance the Rapper won “Best New Artist” (apologies for the Grammy’s teaching me who the fuck he is), Adele was a total potty mouth, Twenty One Pilots showed us bulge, Lady Gaga head banged with Metallica (FIX YOUR EQUIPMENT GRAMMYS!!), and Beyoncé gave us extra mommy golden goddess realness. There was other shit too but the real show, as per usual, was on Twitter. God bless Twitter. Like really, Twitter makes our genitals sing tunes worthy of winning a Grammys itself. What? We don’t have your vote? OK, here’s the thing. Like it or not, this year’s Grammys were nothing short of meh so maybe you should get your ballots in early for this ensemble of Twitter characters that will no doubt have you singing its praises for next year’s trophy that looks like a golden phonograph.

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