The Funniest Tweets From the 2016 Academy Awards

Whooo hoooo! The 88th annual Academy Awards came and went last night and they were soooo white, Chris Rock was the host. Weeks of racial “outrage” (aka the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite taking over social media) aside, we tuned in to see what our favorite stars were wearing, hear the jokes about “the elephant in the room,” hoped for a few trips and falls (just being honest), and wanted to see who’d be lucky enough to take home that prized gold naked statue of some dude we guess is named Oscar.

Honestly, we mostly just wanted to know what some of our favorite folks on Twitter had to say. And to keep the honesty train rolling, we found them way more entertaining than the show itself. Well, Chris Rock kept it 100% ballsy, Louis CK stole the night (in our opinion), Leo finally won at life, and there was that surprise appearance by Stacey Dash that shocked the world apparently, but other than that, our award goes to Twitter because that’s where the real entertainment was at. 

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