The Funniest Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Tweets

Brought to you by Pepsi, this year's halftime performance at Super Bowl XLIX with Katy Perry was entertaining but all of the excitement was hardly on a stage in Arizona. A lot of it was on Twitter. Coming out wearing a flame adorned costume and riding on the back of a mechanical lion, Katy sang (and lip synced) some hits to an overly excited crowd. (FYI: Much like sex, we're pretty sure most of those people were faking it or were paid to be there.) She then brought out Lenny Kravitz to duet on “I Kissed a Girl” and as a surprise guest (that we all heard about last week), Missy Elliot graced the stage and pretty much stole the show while Katy played an awkward “hype man.” Yuck.

There were also several wardrobe changes (sorry guys, no malfunctions) which lead to tons of pics of Katy side by side with a bag of flaming hot Cheetos, wrestler Bam Bam Bigelow, and Guy Fieri. And to be fair, a lot of people did enjoy the halftime performance (mostly ages 16 and under) but you us by now. And we don't care about highlighting those people. We love a good ol' fashion shit talking session so here are our picks for the best Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Tweets.


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