The Funniest Grammy Award 2015 Tweets

Another year of “questionable” music was met by another year of the Grammy Awards. Hosted once again by LL “lip my lips” Cool J, the 2015 Grammy Awards was riddled with an overflow of performances including Kanye complete with auto-tune, Matador Madonna, Ariana Grande and her faux-ny tail, a PSA (Seriously??) shoved in before a song by Katy Perry, bellhop Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani doing a duet as well as Jesse J and Tom Jones, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, Annie Lennox and Hozier, Sam Smith with Mary J Blidge, John Legend and Common–it's like, we got it Grammy's. People can sing together.


The big shockers of the evening seemed to be Iggy Azalea wining zero awards, Beck (Yes kids, Beck. Google him.) winning album of the year, and Sam Smith winning four awards for a song he stole from Tom Petty. My oh my how the industry has changed. So as we got every spoiler alert known to man from the east coast (including a Walking Dead spoiler, you assholes!), we also captured the stand-out tweets that gave us a good chuckle during this year's Grammy Awards.

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