The Funniest Billboard Music Awards Tweets

With Tracy Morgan hosting the Billboard Music Awards this year, we were all anticipating a few shenanigans to go down courtesy of his sharp comedic tongue. Truth be told, we think he played it rather safe. Broadcasting “live” (yet somehow the East Coast once again saw it before us on the West which is total BS) from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and with tons of appearances by favorites like Madonna, Macklemore, David Guetta, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and the “Purple One” Prince, it was obvious that Twitter was about to come alive with squeals from tweens and more importantly, rib-jabbing comments from the cynics. And of course over here at the Weekly, we were just chomping at the bit to see what would be flying around the Twittersphere when the show was going down. Following the hashtag of choice for the show “#BBMA and #BBMAs,” we captured a few gems that had us in stitches while this year's Billboard Music Awards kept us both entertained and totally annoyed.


Even with all of the (lip-syncing) performances (we're not talking to you, Prince), jokes, and amazing tweets, there was still nothing quite as memorable from this year's Billboard Music Awards as Miguel's douche bag move of attempting some weird karate kick jump move while mid-performance. The landing to this d-bag jump? Well, he ended up pelting two chicks in the face with his leg and it was nothing short of spectacular. If you happen to turn off the TV before that point (we don't blame you) or used Miguel hitting the stage as an excuse to use the bathroom (we don't blame you for that either) and missed this magical moment, not to worry. Plenty of people captured it for you. And yes, you'll probably want to watch it more than once. We sure did.

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