The Frida Cinema Needs $7,500 by June 30 to Receive a $7,500 Match

If they party like this now, imagine the rager if fundraising goals are met. (Photo by Alberto Balthazar Romero)

Through the end of this month, The Frida Cinema in downtown Santa Ana is soliciting donations totaling $7,500 that are to be matched, dollar for dollar, by a charitable foundation.

The Wintemute Family Foundation got behind the $7,500 Matching Challenge because it believes in the nonprofit art house cinema’s mission.

The pledge would also fit nicely into Frida’s fifth year anniversary goal of raising $50,000 in five months, the largest fundraising campaign the organization has ever undertaken.

However, the $7,500 will only come from the foundation if an additional $7,500 is raised from other donors, emphasizes Logan Crow, Frida’s founder and executive director.

“An art house cinema is inherently a risk-taking organization,” writes Crow in a letter to supporters. “It is risky to bring you a quality genre film from a micro-budget distributor or studio with zero marketing dollars, rather than play a sure-fire hit that has posters plastered on buses and cereal boxes–but we exist to bring you that quality genre film. It’s risky to provide some of our films and events free of charge, or offer a double-feature for the price of one ticket, or price an event at far less than what a competing cinema might charge–but we want you to have that experience. That’s our mission–it is literally why The Frida Cinema exists.”

As of my fingers hitting the keyboard, $1,311 had been raised.


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