The Flosstradamus Essentials Box by Hemper, Our Toke of the Week!

Product: Special Edition Flosstradamus Essentials Box by Hemper
Place of Purchase:
Price: $29.99 Per Month

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There aren’t many things in life better than receiving a goodie box of quality smoking accessories in the mail. In fact, for some people that’s what dreams are made of. And as we inch closer to legalization, such things are becoming a reality.

Hemper, a New York based company that curates boxes of smoking essentials, collaborated with Flosstradamus— the Chicago born duo made famous for their trap style EDM— for the month of April to create the Flosstradamus essentials package. According to Henry, Ryan and Rj, the trio who founded Hemper, the goal of the company is to design an experience. They accomplish this by teaming up with 420 friendly musicians, artists and celebrities to assemble a kit of the stars’ favorite smoking supplies. “The question we ask ourselves every time we put together a box is ‘how can the fan better connect with the artist?’ The box, in turn, becomes a vehicle of connection because it gives people the chance to smoke like their favorite celebrity,” says Henry.

The only element the box omits, however, is the weed (obviously). But when my Flosstradamus Hemper box arrived in the mail, I was seriously stoked— especially because I lost a custom bubbler in a move several years back and haven’t wanted to replace it with anything less than superb. And finally, after years of being bubbler-less, a solid piece came to me. I guess good things do come to those who wait.

The small box contained everything I could ever need to enjoy a excellent toke session. The contents of my Hemper package included: A thick glass bubbler with an impressive sized bowl piece (score!), a Flosstradamus lighter, organic king-sized Raw rolling papers and tip filters, a custom Flosstradamus weed container, sterilizing 420 wipes (to ensure germs aren’t shared when smoking with friends), Boveda two-way humidity control packs for keeping your herbs at an ideal moisture level and a custom Flosstradamus doob tube (to ensure your joints are safe while on-the-go). As soon as I opened the box, I felt like I’d won the smoke shop lottery—without having to go into one. 

Excited about my new bubbler, I ground up the last of the Fire Dream I picked up from 420 Central and packed the bowl to the brim. I lit half of the greens and watched the white smoke swirl and fill up the compact chamber. I slowly inhaled the smoke, which felt unusually smooth—clearly I’ve forgotten what smoking out of a quality bubbler is like. But when the onset of cotton mouth began to take over, I placed the piece level with my elbow and turned around to grab my water bottle. And like a true stoner-klutz, I knocked over my bubbler. As soon as I heard the glass hit the tile table, profanity spewed from my mouth. I turned around in a panic, terrified that I’d destroyed my newest glass. The half smoked weed was everywhere, but to my surprise, the bubbler was still intact. It survived the ultimate test. Quality and durability have been proven. 

With subscription options that range from 99 cents to $29.99 per month, there’s a box for every kind of smoker. “Our goal is to have something for everyone and provide them with quality smoking accessories,” says Henry. And quality (stoner-proof) accessories they are. The special edition Flosstradamus Hemper box is far superior than I thought it would be, and it comes highly recommended if you’re looking to spruce up your glassware and/or smoking game. 

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