The Fling Sign to Dangerbird Records

The new year looks bright for the Fling: The Long Beach psychedelic rockers have announced a record deal with indie powerhouse Dangerbird Records. The LA-based label will release the Fling's sophomore album this spring. The band will add an eclectic, folksy sound to the label's diverse indie roster.


This year, the band released their first full-length, When the Madhouses Appear. They just wrapped up a multi-state tour with labelmates Darker My Love and the Delta Spirit. The Fling will also play a January residency at Spaceland in Silver Lake–a gig that has spring-boarded acts like Beck and the Foo Fighters to success. We are certainly hoping for a tour stop in Orange County, soon enough. Check out the Beatles-esque vibe of the “Wandering Foot” video from their last album.

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