The Five Best Parodies of the Illegal Immigrant Crossing Sign

You know the sign at right, created in the 1980s by a Caltrans worker after a rash of illegal immigrant deaths on freeways, committing the very act the black-on-bright-yellow icon depicts. It's legendary enough nowadays–especially in the borderlands–to have inspired many parodies, not all of them necessarily dumb. Click after the jump to view the best–and yes, Orange County tops the list, although I'm sure not in the way Know Nothings will appreciate…


1. The Orange County Dream Team: My all-time favorite parody, the logo of the Orange County Dream Team, the group of undocumented college students and their supporters who successfully hounded Loretta Sanchez into supporting the DREAM Act. This sign encapsulates their cause perfectly, plays off the original's notoriety, and is a divine chinga tu madre to those Know Nothings who say illegals never bother with education.

2. Lalo Alcaraz: The legendary Chicano cartoonista is always great, but the pendejadas in Arizona has lit his culo like nothing since Pete Wilson. This one appeared a couple of weeks ago, and captures how the land of Goldwater is now as retrograde in its freedom as your typical Irvine HOA…

3. Surfers: Not necessarily the one above, but another one with three surfers holding their boards and crossing a road. Playful, and indicative of how apolitical something so serious can become in the hands of anyone.

4. Pilgrims: Okay, we get it: Pilgrims were the first illegals. HAR HAR.

5. To come this week: Courtesy of…something. Details to come…

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