The Five Best Comedy Shows of 2015

Getting out of your house can be a great thing for letting off steam, connecting with friends, and for getting your laugh on to overlook any day to day woes. In 2015 we were treated to a plethora of comedy shows that made their way through Orange County and/or showcased some of our fav OC natives. And since we’re about to embark into a new year, we figured we’d shout out the ones that made us laugh the hardest in order to kiss their asses so they’ll come back in 2016. Sneaky aye?

5. Warped Tour
Adding comedy for the very first time this year, although the Vans Warped tour didn’t make it into Orange County proper, we still got a chance to check it out and what we saw, we liked a lot. The rotating comedy roster included Grant Cotter, Amir K, Beth Stelling, Eli Olsberg, Sammy Obeid, Dave Ross, Chase Bernstein, Ben Bizuneh, Sandy Danto, and Eric Schwartz. And the addition of the comedy tent this year proved to be a fanatic and hilarious choice. On a side note: Hey Vans! How about next year you hit up Irvine Meadows (while it still exists)? Thanks.

4. Hollywood Babble-on with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman
Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman are entertaining enough on their weekly podcast but when you pair these two up with a live venue, now you’re talking about a match made in heaven! This duo brought their show on the road and lucky for us OC folks, they graced our stages as well several times in 2015. The result? Every show sold out. It doesn’t look like they have any plans of stopping (we hope not!!) so in 2016 when you’re checking out the show schedules and you see the name “Hollywood Babble-on,” do yourself a favor and get on it!

3. Festival Supreme
The third annual Festival Supreme had a ton of bands BUT…they also had a ton of comedy that was, dare we say, even better than some of the musical acts? Fuck it, we’re sticking to that. If you didn’t mind running back and forth from stage to stage all in the name of comedy you got to see Finesse Mitchell, Kristen Schaal, Tig Notaro, Bill Burr, Tim Minchin, Amy Pohler, Greg Behrendt, The Kid in the Hall, Reggie Watts, Morgan Murphy and the icing on the cake, Tenacious D. Holy shit it was great and holy shit, how will they outdo themselves in 2016? We can’t wait to find out…

2. April Foolishness
KROQ’s annual April Foolishness show killed it once again for a great cause. With proceeds going to Fisher House and Cedars-Sinai NICU, Kevin and Bean gave us a line-up that was nothing short of outstanding start to finish. Along with Mike Relm rocking beats, Eddie Pence, Gabriel Iglesias, Adam Ray, Jay Mohr, Iliza Shlesinger, Brad Williams, Ralphie May, and Tenacious D graced the stage and with a powerhouse line-up like that, you know the crowd was laughing from beginning to end. Once again a great job from the fine folks over at KROQ and we once again can’t wait until next years show!

1. Funny Or Die's Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival
This festival made our list last year at number two but in 2015, we just had to bump it up to number one. Held at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (aka Irvine Meadows), this year gave us access to a line-up on the main stage that included Big Jay Oakerson, Aziz Ansari, Amy Schumer, Rory Scovel, Anthony Jeselnik, TJ Miller, Donnell Rawlings, Bridgett Everett, Sebastian Maniscalco, and John Mulaney. With a line-up like that plus access to a bevy of food and festival fun, we can’t wait to see how Oddball tops themselves in 2016. Also hopefully in 2016 they’ll lift their shitty “no photos” rule as well. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

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