The First Rule of FightCamp is … Virtual Workout Spars on Saturday

Let’s dance. (Photo courtesy of FightCamp)

Just because you live a busy life does not mean you should have to sacrifice your physical health. If you are looking for the luxury of working out from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, a new virtual workout system may be the perfect fit for you.  

This is FightCamp: An interactive fitness-boxing workout that is available via video on demand. This allows you to be able to buy the equipment for your home and complete the workouts at your own pace. You have the opportunity to have a full studio boxing gym in your own home. If you prefer to workout in your space and at your own pace, this program might be a knockout for you. 

FightCamp opened in Fashion Island on Aug. 1 and, in honor of their first and only retail location launching, they are having a grand opening event on Saturday. Included will be live workouts with three, in-person personal trainers. Normally, you would see these trainers on a video monitor, but this event will allow you to see what FightCamp is all about, up close and personal. 

This location is not a workout studio, but it is a showroom that displays equipment, has live workout demos for people to experience and merchandise available for purchase. This weekend only, they will be having an exclusive opening weekend promotion as well. The employees at FightCamp said, “Come throw a few punches, see the equipment and get hooked!”

Make your way to this free opening ceremony event at Fashion Island, 365 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach, on Aug. 10 between 11 a.m to 4 p.m.

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