The Films of Luis Buñuel Part 1

Art house filmmaker Luis Buñuel made audiences cringe in disgust with his famous eyeball-slicing scene in his cinematic collaboration with fellow surrealist Salvador Dali, Un Chien Andalou, but there was more subversive material to come from this Spanish filmmaker. While Chien was an exercise in putting dreams on celluloid, Buñuel explored poverty, sexual perversion, and critical views of religion and the bourgeoisie. Hibbleton Gallery hosts a month of Mexican cinema's greatest canonical works including two weeks dedicated to showcasing the films of Buñuel during his period in the mid-20th century making films in Mexico. Tonight you can screen the director's infamous Chien, as well as Simon of the Desert, and Nazarin, and escape into the strange worlds Buñuel has crafted.

Wed., July 22, 8 p.m., 2015

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