The Field Trip at the Continental Room, Fullerton, Feb. 14

It would appear that the Continental Room might not make the best location to take a date for  Valentine's Day this year (unless nooses somehow turn you on). But for everybody who has managed to escape Cupid's arrows, this weeks edition of Notes From the Underground promises to be quite a memorable show (if only they could remember to spell the headlining band's name right—it's the Field Trip, guys). 
Nitpicking aside, the bands on this V-Day lineup offer a cheap, dirty fix of rock & roll. Fullerton five-piece the Field Trip, Oakland garage punks Impediments (on OC label Burger Records) are both capable of bringing in a loyal and wonderfully loveless crowd of local fans. J. Worthington Foulfellows (never heard of 'em, but nice Pinocchio reference!) will open the show. 

And then, of course, there's the cavalcade of dubiously-named DJs. Apparently the goal of a rock & roll turntablist these days is to pick a name that people can easily have a laugh at. Anyway, we're sure Rack 'Em Frack Em, That's All Folks, Nick'e Fix and Smalltown Fag will spin some quality sets to drown away the pain of this mushy, bullshit holiday. After all, nothing cures heartache faster than a shot (or three) of Jack Daniel's and some sleazy surf music.

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