The Federal in Long Beach Adds Beer Yoga—What the Ale!

Drink beer and ommmm. Courtesy of the Federal

I was probably in the mountain pose when I learned about the Federal’s addition of beer yoga in Long Beach. I quickly changed to the tree pose, not because I was exercising, but rather because I was grateful to learn about such a tranquil experience.

“Namaste,” I thought to myself before chanting self-affirmations. “I’m really great at the corpse pose. . . . I’m really great at the corpse pose,” repeating and repeating until zoning out into full beer-yoga consciousness. Wait, how long was I asleep?

Federal’s yoga includes two beers in the hour-long session, which is instructed by Stephanie Serrano. The classes will initially happen on the last Thursday of the month and may happen weekly, depending on interest.

Although beer and yoga are not new on their own, balancing beer drinking during poses might be. I can already imagine trying to lap up beer like a dog while in downward dog.

“We’re excited to start hosting classes that will appeal to beer-loving yogis,” said Jeff Osborn, the Federal’s general manager. “Unlike most beer yoga classes, with attendees tasting beer following the class, we decided to take the approach of allowing attendees to enjoy sips of beer during the yoga class flow.”

Space is limited to 25 people, and advance tickets are available online for $20 apiece. Walk-ins are welcome, provided there’s space available. Attendees must be age 21 or older and are encouraged to arrive no later than 5:45 p.m. to choose their preferred beer from the special menu as well as reserve mat space on the floor.

Beer Yoga at the Federal Underground, 102 Pine Ave., Long Beach, (562) 435-2000; Thurs., July 25, 6 p.m. $20.

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