The Factory & Co. Is Harveys' New Concept

Harveys means one thing to most people: seatbelt bags. Their ubiquity in OC, on the arms of girls (and even guys) of all social stations, is just wonderful. And the company's national presence grows every year. And now, after 17 years in business, Harveys has re-adjusted just a bit to return to the DIY roots from whence it came.

“When Harveys started out, it was an alternative brand,” explains Dana Harvey II, son and namesake of the Harveys Industries founder. Harveys continues to embrace the 21st century version of alternative, which means a heavy focus on sustainability, community and craftsmanship. The close-knit team is now experimenting with these concepts at their factory store in SanTana. The Factory & Co. looks like a European loft with hints of Urban Outfitters, but without the kitsch. The airy shop is completely transformable for gallery events, parties and an ever-changing inventory, which currently includes literature on green living, rain barrels, natural skincare, obscure art books and a choice reprint of the early-2000s gay zine BUTT. Harvey points out they even have “a weird metaphysical section” because . . . why not? And, of course, there are seatbelt bags.

“This is a tester ground for us,” says Harvey. “In OC, it's hard to do something that doesn't revolve around eating or drinking, and we want to make a place where people can experience art and culture.” The group is especially excited about its film club, Factory Film Society, for which movies are projected on the building next door and viewers sit on vintage-inspired lawn chairs.

“Now, we don't wanna be known as the company that makes seatbelt bags,” Harvey says. “We just wanna be known as a company that makes great bags.”

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