The F Word Vol. II

Evelyn McDonnell, Alice Bag and Tracie Morris are readying their F bombs. The trio are set to talk up feminism—you know, that radical notion that women are people—and share Riot Grrl reminiscences at The F Word Vol. II. As a journalist, McDonnell moderated the original F Word panel in 1992 at New York’s annual College Music Journal (CMJ) conference. It came during Riot Grrl rock’s heyday and marked the beginning of a media backlash against the music and feminism itself. Twenty-three years later, McDonell is doing it again with two women who took part in the landmark discussion. Morris is a poet and Bag is the author of Violence Girl, a memoir of her times fronting The Bags, a LA punk band that caused havoc in the 1970s. As for the price of this priceless discussion? Here’s another F word: free!

Fri., March 13, 6 p.m., 2015

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