The Evolution of the Russia Investigation [OC Weekly Cartoon]

It’s been a heck of a bad week for Donald Trump. The New York Times started the fun on Sunday with a front-page feature story about his daily TV news binge watching sessions, revealing that, among other weird habits, he drinks a dozen cans of Diet Coke each day. (Too much TV and Diet Coke explain a lot about this guy.) Then on Tuesday, Trump’s bible-thumping, pistol-packing, girl (as in underage girl)-chasing pal from Alabama, Roy Moore, lost his bid for the U.S. Senate to a Democrat, thus turning back the tide of the Steve Bannon-led insurrection of confused and scared, xenophobic old white people.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the constant bad news about Bob Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Happy hump day, Mr. President!

And here’s an artist statement by O’papas:

“It has been a long and strange year as we’ve slowly learned of Russia’s involvement in our election. More troubling has been the Trump team’s apparent collusion with Russia. As the story continues to evolve, it is now more important than ever for journalist to have the freedom to report the truth and for satirists to be able to mock the powerful. Freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are what makes our country great. And it will be what continues to make America great for many presidents to come.”

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