The Erbanna Jenny Bag: Our Toke of the Week!

Product: The Jenny Bag by Erbanna
Price: $50
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Erbanna Jenny Bag

Although the societal perception of cannabis has drastically improved over the last 20 years, it still offends a lot of people. Whether smoking it, having blood-shot eyes or smelling like you bathed in a tub of nugs, the anti-stoners will almost always shoot you the evil-eye if they suspect you’ve used the devil’s lettuce— especially here in Orange County.

Luckily, products designed to minimize the chance of getting caught with weed are on the rise and Erbanna is at the forefront of these inventions. Erbanna has created women’s hand bags and accessory pouches lined with odor control interiors that look no different than a bag you’d purchase in a boutique. Usually, smell-proof bags aren’t stylish; actually, they’re pretty damn ugly and/or boring. But Erbanna combines much better style and odor-proof technology, which, in theory, makes their bags an essential for any female stoner— so I obviously had to check it out.

The Jenny bag I picked out looks like a make-up wristlet. Its material feels thick and durable, like it could withstand a night of partying AF. My white and black crackled wristlet comfortably fit a small pipe, a lighter, papers, gum and about an eighth of weed. The bag comes with a small nug jug (empty, of course) to store your herb, but the size of the bag is big enough to pack more weed than the small jar permits. The Jenny bag also comes with a tiny lock and key, too, so intruders can’t break in. In an attempt to remain as inconspicuous as possible, I skipped locking my bag. Perhaps I’m a paranoid stoner, but only bags with locks on them are the ones worth confiscating and searching.

I stuffed my bag with all the weed I owned to test the odor-control technology before meeting my friend in Laguna for lunch. As soon as we sat down to eat, I put my bag on the table and kept it there throughout the duration of our meal. I asked my friend if she smelled anything funny. Her response was yes and that it reeked strongly of weed. I immediately felt uncomfortable and my stomach began to churn as I began to plot my way out of the restaurant— until I saw her cracking up at my obvious unease. “I only smell garlic,” she said gasping for air between chuckles.

Our server finally brought the check to our table. As she was about to turn to leave us with the check, she stopped and pointed to my bag. “Your bag is really cute,” she said. “It’s the perfect size! I need to get one.” For the second time that meal my heart sank into my stomach; but I thanked her for the compliments. Across the table, however, my friend was bright red, holding back laugher and tears. As soon as the waitress walked away, my friend was overtaken by another spell of uncontrollable laughter. If anyone looked stoned, it was her.

But it was once the check came I realized I made a big stoner move: I put my money in the bag with the weed. Luckily it was atop the mounds of herb, but I still had to open the bag to get it. I’ve honestly never unzipped and then re-zipped so fast in my life. But as soon as I opened the bag, the obvious smell of cannabis seeped from the bag. The waitress came back to our table to take our bill and smirked at us both. She definitely knew what was up.

The bag worked great until I unzipped it. Moral of the story: Plan ahead and don’t put the cash (or anything you’ll need while in public) with the weed; otherwise you’ll blow your cover. Good job, Erbanna!

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