The Donnas

How young we were—can you remember when they were just four girls in
t-shirts putting out 45s in cheesy sleeves? Now the Donnas just
celebrated their 17th anniversary as in a band, and they weren’t even
17 back when they started on Super Teem, singing, ‘I don’t wanna growwwwww up / I just want my Taco Bell.” (Original 7” lyric.) And now they’re this Kiss-Crue-Kim Fowley-on-Casablanca hard-rawk legacy machine—in fact, they did a split with Kiss back when indie rock was flush with pre-MP3 money, and they must have caught something nasty because they dumped the Ramones-isms and went heavier ever since. The cover they did was “Strutter” and that’s what they do, and they’ll
strut across the grave of chillwave one day soon.

Fri., Aug. 6, 7 p.m., 2010

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