The Dickies, Kim and the Created

If The Dickies didn’t invent what the world now knows as pop punk … well, OK, the Ramones invented it, but L.A.’s Dickies gave it legs and then some. They had the goofy-but-so-dang-appealing covers, the sing-a-long harmonies and the perfect pogo-friendly speed to put them right in the sweet spot to be one of The First Five Punk Bands You Ever Fell In Love With. (That awesome cover of Sabbath or “Eve of Destruction” on your mixtape or playlist? The Dickies! And let’s not forget Stukas over Disneyland …) Opening will be L.A.’s rising punks Kim and the Created, which is Kim and her backing band creating some Crash-meets-Kill—that’s Darby Crash meets early Bikini Kill, to be exact—mayhem.

Fri., Oct. 9, 9 p.m., 2015

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