The Day in Pot: 3/25/10

  • An initiative to legalize marijuana has made the November ballot, according to state election officials. Polling shows a majority of California voters favor marijuana legalization. The pot-position (how about Prop. 4/20?) would allow adults 21 or older to possess up to an
    ounce of weed for personal use and to grow up to 25 square feet of pot per
    residence or parcel.

  • NASCAR has given the greenlight to a cannabis-promoting race car. It’ll be on the track at the All-American Speedway in Roseville Saturday trying to pass all the Ricky Bobbys in the field. Says Brad Lane of Cannabis Planet, the pot newsmagazine show shown 10:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays on KJLA/Channel 57 and sponsor of the stock car, “”We are very excited to be a part of NASCAR, and very proud to be
    making motor sports history as the first Medical Cannabis sponsored car
    at this level. Traditionally NASCAR has had sponsorship from the tobacco, alcohol,
    and pharmaceutical companies. . . . We feel that the time is right to have the
    message for medical cannabis accepted by the masses, and NASCAR has a
    wide reaching audience for us to accomplish this.” If the cannabis, Viagra and Jack Daniels cars crash, it’ll be like my Friday nights.



  • Synthetic marijuana–which trades under such names as K2, K2Herbal, Spice and Scary Spice–is spreading across the land like a . . . uh . . . weed, with fans reporting it has all the high-making qualities of the real deal without the nagging illegality or visits from Johnny Law. But as he did with Salvia divinorum, The Man is out to change that. The DEA has classified synthetic marijuana a “substance of interest”–meaning they’re interested in permanently removing it from your bong, pipe or rolling-paper burrito. Kansas has already banned it, and Missouri is poised to outlaw it, too.


  • The 1,278 people arrested in 2009 for sending marijuana through the mail set an all-time record, according to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, which adds: more than 3,600 pot packages were seized nationwide (75 percent of them originating from border states), a 400 percent (!) rise; and the 43,000 pounds of herb confiscated also set a record. Meanwhile, seizures of heroin and cocaine in the mail dropped.


  • Best HEADline of the Day Award goes to HULIQ: “The Golden State May Become the Ganga State”

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