The Dark Side of Disney Documentary

Throngs of tourist families enter the gates of Disney theme parks everyday ready to hit the rides but that’s not amusement enough for some. The Dark Side of Disney, a new documentary by Phillip B. Swift based on the renegade travel guide by Leonard Kinsey, explores the world of obsessed DisNerds who stretch the boundaries of theme park fun to its limits. This is the domain of Disney Gangs, folks that dress like cast members to sneak in and thrill seekers who jump off rides to film the unseen sights of its theme parks. The Frida Cinema plays host to its west coast premiere, wisely timed to coincide with the huge D23 expo happening in Anaheim, with Q N A with Kinsey after the screening. Find out all about the underbelly of “The Happiest Place on Earth!”.

Sun., Aug. 16, 4:30 p.m., 2015

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