The Crosby Owners Reopening Same Space with New Restaurant Called The North Left

Back in January, owners of the beloved downtown SanTana restaurant/bar/club The Crosby closed temporarily in the wake of the beating death of Kim Pham just outside its doors, an assault that garnered worldwide attention–and the worst kind of publicity imaginable for the place. The Crosby announced shortly thereafter that it was closing permanently in the wake of the tragedy, leaving a stunned fan base wondering what, if anything, was next for its talented team.

The Weekly can now report what's next: a new restaurant called The North Left, which will be in the exact space that once housed the Crosby.


“Same place–just new name,” said a Crosby North Left employee. “Same owners. The vibe will be different.”

Construction is currently underway, but no open date is set. We'll keep ustedes posted, and welcome the muy talented team of Chris Alfaro, Phil Nisco and Mark Yamaoka back with open arms. Stay tuned…

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