The Cribs

There’s a line in the chorus of the Cribs’ song “Cheat on Me” that really says a lot about the band: “Cause things go together, better than others, like manic depression and hyper sexuality.” These guys definitely know how to put together a destructive combination. Formed by brothers Gary, Ryan and Ross Jarman in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in 2001, the Cribs built a tremendous UK following that now spills across the US thanks to their mix of relentless touring, punchy post punk and astounding live shows. And with Johnny Marr, former guitarist of the Smiths on their roster since 2008, they’ve mixed a potent cocktail for success. Still soaring from the momentum of their latest album Ignore the Ignorant (Wichita Recordings), they head into the Glass House to deliver a devastating one-two punch that few fans in the audience will be ready for.

Tue., Jan. 26, 7 p.m., 2010

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