The Creative Attack Of Premium Jack By NUG: Our Toke Of The Week!

Dankies on the realm, brah (Courtesy of NUG)

South Coast Safe Access (SCSA) consistently provides the cannabis community with top-quality products as well as friendly, knowledgeable staff who take the time to carefully explain each product. And now it has stepped it up another notch by offering this incredible shatter from the people at NUG.

Produced using only premium flowers and no artificial ingredients, Premium Jack really showcases the brilliant earthy smell and texture of the almost-glass-like shatter. The line features an all-star cast, with Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights. Patients can expect to feel the effects almost immediately, beginning with Jack’s well-known foggy-headedness that mellows into a calm, creative buzz. Speaking of creativity, our intern wrote a haiku for SCSA:

So so so so so

so so so so so so so

So so so so dank.

$46 South Coast Safe Access; 1900 E. Warner Ave., Ste. A, Santa Ana.


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