The Cellar's Ex-Executive Chef Opens Bistro Bleu in Anaheim

David Kesler, The Cellar in Fullerton's executive chef for almost a decade, has now opened his own French restaurant in Anaheim in the space he took over from Sal's Bit of Italy. 

Bistro Bleu, debuted a few weeks ago and seems to be making good on being a French restaurant Kesler says will be “without the high prices, sub-par food, and
pompous attitudes.”
The menu posted on the website long before they opened appears does seem to prove his intent to offer typically expensive French cuisine at “economy-busting prices.” Listed is a $9 for his “Burger Bleu” to $16 for steak frites. A $10 cheese plate is called “Homage to Fromage.” 


The highest-priced item is a $24 rack of lamb. The cheapest item for dinner is a $4 French onion soup.

918 S. Magnolia Ave Ste. B, Anaheim,

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