The Cannabis Industry Takes Over Time Nightclub For OC Canna-Education This Sunday

Looking for a Sunday-Funday activity that won’t leave you with a pounding headache on Monday morning? We’ve got you covered. Time Night Club in Costa Mesa is hosting the OC Canna-Education Industry Event this Sunday, June 25, from 12-6pm. There will be a total of five panels throughout the afternoon discussing everything from the future of edibles to getting your products in the hands of patients to funding your cannabis start-up business. And there will be $2 tacos. Score!

Although you won’t be able to consume cannabis onsite, the fact that a six-hour cannabis education event is happening in Costa Mesa is huge. “My main passion is education so that patients have excess access to their medicine,” says Keiko Beatty, curator and moderator of OC Canna-Education. “I think if we provide more education and information to the people, the mainstream will follow.”

As the cannabis industry blossoms, more and more people with money signs in their eyes are throwing massive sums of cash at the industry thinking they’re going to get rich quick. But that concept’s an illusion. To excel in the industry requires strategy, knowledge and, as Irvine-based panelist Brian Eaton says, “building a dream team.”

Eaton is the man behind All Green USA, the one stop shop for cannabis business needs for both start ups and established businesses. Eaton uses the phrase “smart sourcing” to describe the model of his company because they provide all the services businesses need under one roof that are usually outsourced to a dozen different places. A few services they offer are connecting businesses to capital resources, helping raising equity, exploring different loan options and debt solutions, finding new customers, helping professionalize businesses via branding and marketing and finding distribution points.

One of Eaton’s specialties, though, is helping businesses navigate financially. On Sunday, he’ll discuss the power of funding, the landscapes of the cannabis market, what the markets look like in other regions of the world and different investment opportunities that exist.

“Once a business is capitalized, they need resource solutions,” says Eaton. “Building an expert team, or dream team, of proven consultants and professionals to ensure the success and viability of the organization is essential. A lot of companies are throwing around a lot of money—especially in the cannabis industry— and they don’t really know what they’re doing. That’s where we can help.”

OC Canna-Education is Time Night Club’s first cannabis event. Although consuming cannabis won’t be allowed, the venue is expected to become the hotspot for more business-to-business cannabis education events. “We’ve been preaching to the choir about cannabis for so long now,” says Beatty, “it’s finally time for us to start preaching to the people and making cannabis normal and accessible.”

You can get tickets for OC Canna-Education here!

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