The Black Mamba, Our Toke of the Week

Strain: Black Mamba
Dispensary: Hand N Hand Patient Care, 2400 Pullman St., Ste. B, Santa Ana, (714) 586-5687
Price: $18 per gram; $45 per eighth

The Black Mamba is a hybrid Indica, a cross between Black Domina and Blue Bubblejuice. It was originally named after the African snake but lately it’s been compared to the other Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. And in keeping with its namesake, this bud will immediately retire you to your couch or bed. You’ll sit numb and wondering what hit you, like most opponents of the Lakers in Kobe’s heyday. 

I visited Hand N Hand Patient Care after hearing through the weedvine that they had this premium strain of bud in stock. In allowing 20 legit dispensaries to exist, the city of SanTana has raised the bar in the rules and regulation of said dispensaries. This will allow the consumer to purchase from an ever-widening variety of cannabis-related products without the fear of arrest if you have the proper doctor recommendation.

Random Fact Alert: Your California Doctor’s note is legal in Las Vegas, Nevada. Noice!

The Black Mamba is dense and sticky with resin. Instead of grinding some bud for my pipe, I took it apart by hand, not wanting to rip up the tiny orange hairs. It tasted slightly fruity , not harsh at all, but I could feel it expand quickly, so I was sure to take short hits and enjoy this Grade A bud instead of coughing my way to a buzz. 

It took a good ten minutes before I could really feel the numbing effect—this could definitely knock you out if you kept at it, but that’s no fun. Of course, if you’re currently going through chemo (like this humble reviewer did on the way to beating Stage 4 colon cancer) KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!! For the uninitiated, chemo can keep you awake for up to 48 hours straight. #FUCKCANCER! 

Black Mamba is Top Shelf stuff. Smoke a blunt, watch a movie—but don’t Black Mamba and drive!!!

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