The Black Dahlia Murder Celebrate Their New DVD With Killer Burgers at Grill Em All

It was an evening full of death metal, beards, burgers and beers in Alhambra Tuesday, at the Grill Em All heavy metal hamburger restaurant, as several hundred dedicated foodies and metal fans lined up for a DVD release party for one of death metal's hardest working bands, The Black Dahlia Murder. Vocalist Trevor Strnad and guitarist Brian Eschbach were in attendance as hordes of metal heads lined up to purchase the band's new DVD, Fool Em All, which was being played on screens throughout the restaurant as the guitarist and vocalist mingled with fans, gobbled down burgers beers and fries, all while singing merch and taking pictures.

In honor of the Michigan based death metal band, which began in 2001, Grill Em All served a one night only Black Dahlia Murder burger, featuring a half pound beef burger, truffle goat cheese, roasted egg plant, red pepper with a balsamic reduction, and red black lettuce.


The heavy metal restaurant was opened last year, after the success of chefs Ryan Harkins and Matthew Chernus, who were featured on the 2010 Food Network reality show the Great Food Truck race, where they won the $50,000 dollar prize for first place. The chefs merge a passion for heavy metal music with foodie culture, creating new, exciting twists on the traditional American classic hamburger with heavy metal themes and elegant ingredients.

Grill Em All's restaurant began as a food truck that still operates all over LA and Southern California, bringing people raging, gourmet burgers and fries served with loud heavy metal blasting in the background. Popular burgers include the Waste Em All, Powerslave, Behemoth, Napalm Death and Molly Hatchet, and include such ingredients and toppings as Bleu Cheese, goat cheese, Siracha, maple bacon, beer soaked onions, roasted green chilies, duck confit, Ghost pepper cheese and much more.

“To be honest, this is our first time at Grill Em All, we've been excited to come here, we've seen the food truck race on TV,” says Black Dahlia Murder guitarist Brian Eschbach. “These are some tasty burgers!”

“It's awesome to have both Grill Em All and our DVD Fool Em All in one place, both being Metallica tributes, and this place being metal themed restaurant, us being a band of large death metal dudes that consume burgers, it's a perfect marriage, ” says vocalist Trevor Strnad.

“The burger they made after us is killer man,” Strnad says. “It's really good, it's got goat cheese red and black lettuce and has a killer taste!”

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Fool Em All is the band's second full length DVD and catches the band on last summer's warped tour, and part of a European tour as well. It is filled with tons comedic relief, and activities, including beer guzzling, pot smoking, prank playing shenanigans, and lives footage of the band's punishing, brutal set. Mosh pits, stage divers, practical jokes involving body parts, and more insanity are caught on film as the band's live show and backstage antics.

“The DVD is a little more than half from the warped tour last summer. Also some parts of the European tour as well,” Strnad, said. “It's just us surviving the rigors of one hot ass summer as a death metal band in a weird world, one that was outside of our normal box. It was fun we got a lot of laughs, I just laughed right now when I went back in and watched a few minutes.”

“I only laugh when I see the other guys, when I see myself I cringe,” Eschbach says.

The Black Dahlia Murder plan to keep on grinding away on the road, as they prepare for a European invasion in June through July.

'We will be back in the Fall, and hopefully you guys haven't seen the DVD so much between now and then you don't want to come see us on this tour,” Eschbach says.

“We can't announce who this fall tour is with yet, but it will blow people's socks off, it's HUGE!”

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