The Best OC Metal Shows In December

Dead Cross

Dec. 3

The Glass House
Normally you wouldn’t hear too many metal fans going crazy over a band with just a couple shows under their belt. But when the lineup includes members of the Locust, Retox and former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, the phrase baby band automatically switches to supergroup. The band is called Dead Cross and their coming to the Glasshouse tonight (Dec. 3). Bassist Justin Pearson, Lombardo, guitarist Mike Crain and vocalist Gabe Serbian came together more or less at the last minute. They don't even have any music recorded yet. But their sound—which includes many shades of thrash—is garnering lots of attention from test audiences who are flocking to see this new project get its bearings while they flesh out their set one show at a time.

Suicide Silence

Dec. 4

The Observatory

Suicide Silence have made a career out of being one of the loudest, blood curdling forces in the deathcore game since their start in 2002. After 13 years and four albums the band remain unbreakable. That also includes surviving the loss of former lead singer Mitch Lucker who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in 2012. Gradually, the band were able to rebuild with the help of new singer and longtime friend Eddie Hermida who put his demonic vocals to good use atop the rumbling sonic shred machine the band have created. This month, they return to the Observatory on the strength of their  latest EP Sacred Words, released in October.

Bell Witch

Dec. 10

Alex’s Bar

Anyone who’s never experienced a wall of demonic doom metal hitting them in the face will probably trip out on Bellwitch. Mostly because of their ability to create such a massive sound with only two members. The Seattle-based duo of drummer/vocalist Adrian Guerra and bassist/vocalist Dylan Desmond cast some serious spells when it comes to their execution of their respective instruments. While their music on records like Four Phantoms is unquestionably evil, it’s also equal parts haunting and hypnotizing as the band unfolds their songs slowly, at times washing over audiences like an epic wave.

The Faceless

Dec. 11

Chain Reaction

Prog metal madmen The Faceless revel in a unique blend of technical and terrifying riffage that they’ve perfected over a decade. The Encino-based quartet is anchored by founding guitarist Michael Keene and bassist Brandon Giffin (who left the band and later rejoined). Keene’s use of vocoder, keyboards and programming add another level of wizardry atop the nimble-fingered force of guitarist Justin Kinney, the crushing power of drummer Chason Westmorland and the cavernous death howl of vocalist Derek “Demon Carcass” Rydquist. The band are currently on a brief west coast run of shows that bring them to Chain Reaction this month in advance of their forthcoming release In Becoming a Ghost.

Face Your Maker

Dec. 14


The only two words LA deathcore band Face Your Maker use to describe their sound are “heavy and violent.” The four-piece led by vocalist Daniel Lopez create aggressive, grimey grooves as a backdrop for songs focused on man’s darkest emotions—hate, revenge, greed and hypocrisy. Their latest effort, Blood Tides, delivers  an onslaught of angry, pit-swirling tracks that should turn their free show at Slidebar into an organized brawl. 

Mac Sabbath

Dec. 18

The Observatory

It’s the kind of band that would make any metal fan proud…and probably a little hungry. Performing what they dub “drive-thru metal,”Mac Sabbath includes demented counterparts of the original McDonald's burger chain's once-beloved, squeaky-clean ambassadors of fast-food fun. You've got Ronald Osbourne, Grimalice, Slayer Mac Cheeze, and the Cat Burglar, putting a fast-food twist on Black Sabbath's songs. Such songs include “Frying Pan” “More Ribs” “Pair-a-buns” and “Chicken for the Slaves.” Expect sensational costumes, evil Fry Kids, scary laser-shooting clowns, burger puns, condiments, and a kinky Osbourne preening onstage like the Lord of Darkness himself. The only thing left to ask is “will you want fries with that?”


Dec. 28

The Slidebar

Most metal bands thrive on showing you how evil they are. But when you’ve already got a living, breathing goblin in your lineup, there’s not much more a death metal band has left to prove. Which is why Nekrogoblikon’s skills are served putting a smile on people’s faces as they thrash to their hook-heavy headbanging tunes. The Santa Barbara-bred/LA-based seven piece (including the aforementioned living mascot John Goblikon) impress metal fans around the country with a mix of technical proficiency, GWAR-esque humor paired with the satanic vocals of lead singer Scorpion. With all elements combined, they’ve created one of the most entertaining metal shows currently known to man.

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