The Best OC Metal Concerts in July

It’s July people. Summertime is here and the hot weather, endless BBQs, lounging in the sun all day and drinking all night can only go so far. This it the best time of the year to indulge in the plethora of metal concerts that the OC(and greater Southern California region) have to offer. Whether you’re into the bizarre, underground, or mainstream, we’ve got you covered when it comes to heavy metal concerts this month. 

Mac Sabbath, Metalachiahi, The Yeastie Boys
The Observatory
July 8

Mac Sabbath is not just another typical Black Sabbath cover band. Taking the name from a musical pun and slapping it on a bun, this demented almost mythological parody heavy metal band takes classic Black Sabbath tunes, and rewrites the lyrics to highlight the corporate systems that run the fast food industry. Taking equal parts inspiration from the mighty Black Sabbath, George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, and the book Fast Food Nation, Mac Sabbath’s twisted performances might seem to come off as a fast food themed somewhat kid friendly GWAR concert. The only known identity of the band is manager Mike Odd, who is also associated with long time shock rockers Rosemary’s Billygoat. With special guests, Metalachi, the world’s best(and only?) heavy metal mariachi crossover band, and the ultra clownish punk party band, the Yeastie Boys, the Observatory will host a night of utter madness, clown make up and rock music from three eccentric, thematic bands. Did we mention this was a $5 show?

Poison the Well
Chain Reaction 
July 9

Since the late ’90s, this Florida based hardcore/emo metal band has been at the forefront of the metalcore screamo scene, touring the country and playing with any punk, hardcore, metal or straightedge band that they could. With an underground reputation that blew up over the course of a decade the band, then after relentless bumps in the road and tour cycles, the band decided to take a hiatus. Then last year after a few performances, they lit the fire once again. The band is still unsure of future music in terms of a recording but will go on to play shows, three of which this month will be in the Southern California area. Fans at the Chain Reaction can expect a large, if not sold out crowd, and one Hell of a cathartic experience, with wailing screams,intricate riffs, thundering breakdowns, and a few hundred hardcore dancers flailing their arms and legs with fury in the pit. Poison the Well only has five North American tour dates this year so far, including the stop at the Chain Reaction.

Death By Stereo with Graf Orlock and more
Underground DTSA 
July 9

Since 1998, local hardcore punk/metal fusion band Death By Stereo have been ripping it up, sharing the stages with everyone from the Adolescents to Slipknot. Steeped in the intermingling of hardcore punk and heavy metal, the band always attracted its fair share of fans who were into everything from thrash and skate punk to nu metal.Throughout the years, the line up has changed but remaining consistent is local punk veteran Efrem Schulz. The band will perform in Santa Ana, and crowds will get to experience a special set, as it will perform the second album, Day of the Death, in its entirety. Joining DBS will be Long Beach sci-fi cinema grind core fanatics Graf Orlock, Wrath, the band featuring Jim Lindberg of Pennywise, as well as Pour Habit and Runaway Kids.

Nails, Terrorizer LA and more
 Chain Reaction
July 21

Be sure to bring earplugs, and a pair of fists to protect yourself if you decide to jump in the pit for this one(or of you’re dragged in by the madness without a choice). Nails, the LA based grind metal band, has been wreaking havoc on the scene with its ultra heavy and extreme music. Nails is not just heavy, it’s also urgent and full of raw, extreme emotions: mainly rage. Be sure to rock out to the skillful merging of furious grindcore and stomping hardcore. The Oxnard trio have been getting a lot of national press lately for the music they are creating, which is sure to unleash some of your inner rage as well during their punishing set in Anaheim. Joining Nails is Terrorizer LA, a band formed by original Terrorizer front man Oscar Garcia. Although it is not the classic Terrorizer Line up, this LA version features Leon Del Muerte on guitar, Cosmo Reveles on bass and Mike Caffel on drums. Monstrous as the original, this band shreds live and will destroy the crowd at the Chain Reaction before Nails pounds it into oblivion. Get ready for some of the most fast, intense, grinding, and brutal music out there. Also appearing will be Freedom and Nomads.

Carcass, Ghoul Crowbar and Night Demon
The Observatory 
July 23

Among death metal fans, UK based extreme metal band Carcass was always revered as one of the founding fathers of the gore metal sub genre, mixing a morbid fascination of death and medical/surgical terminology with a macabre but intense version of technical death metal, this band never strayed too far form what they did best. Throughout the band’s blood soaked musical career, they have managed to gain legions of fans around the world. The band brings together a diverse package tour for metal fans, where they will be joined by rising up and comers, Southern California metal band Night Demon, gore grinding thrashing miscreants Ghoul, and the sludgy heavy NOLA based band Crowbar.

Korn/Rob Zombie
Irvine Meadows Amphitheater
July 24

In 1999, Korn and Rob Zombie toured the US when both bands were at the height of popularity. Now, almost two decades later, both bands are still some of the most hard working rock major rock artists in the world, and will bring back a tour that many millennials were probably at. Dubbed the Return of the Dreads Tour, this might be considered ‘Dad Metal’ to some, but still it is vibrant, youthful and full of energy that is only found in hard rock/heavy metal music. Sure, both Korn and Zombie are mainstream, both having sold millions upon millions of albums, and have toured the globe countless times. But, even though these bands are successful and a mainstay on rock radio stations doesn’t mean they aren’t talented and don’t put on a great live show, with opening band In This Moment. This is a perfect mid summer concert for fans of late ’90s nu metal nostalgia, or families with younger music fans wanting to experience what their parents got to 15 years ago. Expect lots of dreads, cell phones, clouds of pot smoke, and a wide range of fans from all ages, from seniors to teens. 

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