The Best OC Metal Concerts in December

Red Fang Credit: James Rexroad)

Well folks, we made it. One more month left in 2018. In this turbulent year, at least we know in December, we can go out with a bang, and if you are a fan of heavy metal music, of course, Los Angeles will have a plethora or metal shows but so will  Orange County. This month, the area will be home to a lot of metal shows you won’t want to miss. These are the best metal concerts in December.

Red Fang at Marty’s on Newport (Dec. 2)

From Oregon, this stoner doom metal band has been ravaging through the metal scene in the Northwest USA and across the globe for at least a decade. With four full-length albums under their belt, the band have toured with such high profile metal bands as Opeth,  Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Crowbar, Orange Goblin and many more. Red Fang has earned credibility among fans and critics alike. This show at Marty’s should be special, as it is an intimate spot to catch a heavy band like Red Fang.


Doyle at Malone’s (Dec. 12)

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is best known as guitar player for The Misfits with his brother Jerry Only,  but he also has a solo career as well. Much like The Misfits, his solo music is a furious mishmash of horror punk and heavy metal, that will appeal to fans of The Misfits and Danzig. One thing is for sure: Doyle is a monstrous shredder when it comes to punk/metal riffs on the guitar so this show at Malone’s should go off. Aside from this legendary horror punk guitarist, fans will also get to see a plethora of opening acts, including The Spooky from Long Beach, as well as Nothing But a Nightmare, Mr. E and the Filthy Devils, Killer Wolf, and Gatofeto.


Ruin Fest  2018  at Malone’s (Dec. 15)

This year’s annual Ruinfest is as is always has been a celebration of the extreme metal community in Southern California. Local extreme metal favorites, Voices of Ruin will perform at this year’s fest, alongside  Imperialist, Thorns of Sin, Gravespell, Blood of the Heretic. Plus, Exmortus, Anshelm, and Pessimist, an old school death metal band from the East Coast, Pessimist. This will be sure to please any headbangers into black metal, death metal, and thrash. If you dig and support the metal scene in this region, this would be a show to make it out to. Not only will Ruinfest 2018 be full of some great, talented local metal bands, but a great sense of camaraderie.

December Decimation at the Glasshouse in Pomona (Dec. 21-22)

This two-day event in Pomona will feature heavy hitters from the metalcore scene. Friday 12/21 will feature headliners Bleeding Through who will undoubtedly set the place off with a non-stop eruption of fury and aggression that only a band of this magnitude can bring. The hardcore and metal riffs, and thundering breakdowns yet death metal like precision and darkness are what makes Bleeding Through appeal to both fans of metal and metalcore, Either way, expect an intense set and brutal circle pit for the entire night, as San Diego’s Carnifex offers direct support to Bleeding Through. As if this wasn’t enough for one night,   My Children My Bride, So This is Suffering and Spades and Blades will open the show.

Saturday, 12/22 will feature headlining local band Winds of Plague, who will usher in a level of chaos that could Rival the previous night. With a melodic fusion of hardcore and metalcore, the band will decimate fans with a savage performance that will incite moshers and hardcore dancers to merge into one circle pit.   The same opening bands will perform with Winds of Plague on Saturday including Carnifex. Bring earplugs, and be ready to throw down if you get in the pit for these shows in Pomona.

Ozzfest New Years Eve 2018 at The Forum (Dec. 31)

This year, why not ring in New Year’s Eve with one of the biggest metal shows to come to the LA area in years. This time, it’s going down at the Forum in Inglewood, as Ozzfest 2018 will bring in a mega concert headlined by the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. Also appearing will be Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Body Count featuring Ice-T and Jonathan Davis, of Korn. As is this wasn’t enough for a heavy metal saturated New Year’s Eve extravaganza, there will also be an outdoor stage, featuring the heavy sounds of Devildriver, Wednesday 13, and Zakk Sabbath, a Black Sabbath cover band, featuring Ozzy axeman Zakk Wylde. This will be one of the most fun shows of the year, and even if you live in the OC it makes for a good excuse to come to Inglewood and party for the New Year.


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