The Best Acts of Coachella 2018 (A-Z Playlist)

Turn up for Coachella (Credit: Isaac Larios)

This year the Coachella crew have taken their preparation a step further, by offering not only a handful of Spotify playlists but also Apple Music playlists that cover all types of physical and mental states one might experience leading up to and during the Coachella experience.  While my tendencies are to stick with the Spotify alphabetized Coachella 2018 Lineup Playlist purely for the sake of creating this extensive list of must-see artists, I couldn’t deny myself the enjoyment of the additional Coachella curated playlists new this year. Each of the collection’s names match the occasion for listening, for example — Songs With Palms, Sundown Sounds, and Rocking Out On the Ride In.  While each of these were made with perfect care, don’t forget that you also have the option to curate your own playlist via Spotify! So have a read, study this list of highly recommended artists to catch at Coachella 2018, and create your own playlist that suits your perfect festival experience, whatever that may be!

A Perfect Circle – Maynard and company are back! The leader of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer is a bit of a madman genius of music that doesn’t always come out to play, and how lucky Indio is to be in the presence of such talent this April.  Not only will A Perfect Circle be gracing the desert with their presence, they also have a new album being released around this most noteworthy occasion. If you enjoy the weird and strange and incredibly conscious type of rock and metal, A Perfect Circle must be included in your list of artists to see in Indio.

Alan Walker – With over 16 million listeners on Spotify, Alan Walker is quite the king of pop electro music at the moment.  Part of the appeal of his production is including impressive pop lyrics, giving a new level of life to the genre. Make sure you have your full crew of friends to enjoy this one!

Alina Baraz – The sultry smooth vocal style of Alina Baraz is absolutely transfixing.  When you are in the mood for some easy pop R&B, Baraz is definitely the perfect set to grab your honey and chill out.  Get ready for an intimate performance meant for some great one-on-one time with the one you’re crushing on.

Alison Wonderland – Electro producer and vocalist hailing from Sydney and currently residing in LA, Alison Wonderland is back at Coachella again this year, with perfect timing since she recently teased followers with two new singles “Church” and “No”.  Hopefully that means Coachella audiences will also get a preview of the future album that is sure to include even more dynamic heavy electro-pop.

Alt-J – No one sounds quite like Alt-J, and that’s exactly why this group has lasted long with their dub electronic pop interlaced with alternative rock riffs.  At the top of the Coachella set list with good reason, this ensemble brings an intense energy to their performance, so expect to see them late in the evening with a full spectacle of lights.  Enjoy the effect the hot Indio sun mixed with the ingested substances has on you, and then make sure you have Alt-J in front of you on stage when everything really starts to kick in.

Alvvays – Dreamy lo-fi rock with unique female vocals will enchant the Coachella crowd when Alvvays takes the stage.  This group from Toronto is having a solid rise to stardom and with great reason, especially considering they are back again after their first round at Coachella in 2016.  Make sure you see for yourself why so many continue to become enamored with this artist. Take the tonic of your choice, put those shades on, and fall into the flow and jangle of this ethereal post-punk sound.

Angel Olsen – The first time I listened to Angel Olsen’s first album, my immediate thought was that a young female Leonard Cohen had just taken my breath away and stolen all my focus.  Profound, delicate, intimate, dynamic and powerful all at once, her songwriting is unique and her stage presence is palpable. When we talk about women in music who are taking the spotlight, Olsen will sure to be included in that list, especially as she continues to develop an even more bold songwriting style.

Benjamin Booker – New Orleans has always been legendary for producing amazing blues, rock and jazz musicians, and the city has done it again with Benjamin Booker.  The Florida native made the move to New Orleans to develop his sound—however, Booker is a new breed entirely, a neo-blues man, including hints of rock ‘n roll, crashing punk rhythms, somehow still softened by his scratching vocals.  His compositions are incredibly dynamic and diverse, only to be compared to contemporaries like the likes of Alabama Shakes, M. Ward or possibly Gary Clark Jr.—but even that isn’t a fair assessment to his truly distinctive sound and vocal tone.  After Booker’s steady growth on the reputable ATO Records, Booker even gained the attention of Jack White, who offered him a coveted spot on Third Man Records in 2016. Expect to see even more from this artist, and do yourself a favor and catch him at Coachella this year.

Benjamin Clementine – Soul music is an understatement.  Benjamin Clementine has so much soul, mixed with an excellence in acoustic songwriting it will take your breath away.  The depth of his music is profound, and I imagine his live performance is the same. Clementine has certainly earned his spot, appearing at Coachella this year, as well as a national tour supporting David Byrne.  If you really love music, I highly suggest seeing his set this year.

Beyonce – The Queen Bee is back (for real this time!) and I’m sure she’ll be bringing her A-game.  People may have been upset by her previous Coachella cancellation (but hey, she was about to pop out twins for goodness sake!), so I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes up for it ten-fold.  My guess is her performances will be talked about for years to come!

Big Thief – This angelic voice is crossed with a bit of whiskey and rock, like that of a beautiful wilderness queen singing guitar songs in the Oregon rain.  Big Thief opens for Angel Olsen as well as Perfume genius at outlying concerts during their stay in Indio, so if you have a taste for these artists, Big Thief is also worth the watching.

Børns – Back for a second round of Coachella, Børns is bringing his ethereal pop music back to the desert stage and will no doubt use his incredible charisma to make memorable performances.  On top of that, he just released his new album, Blue Madonna, with some accompaniment and a big shout-out from his LA neighbor and underground dark pop princess, Lana Del Rey. Børns is growing up nicely and ready to tantalize the audience with his ever-growing confidence and maturing sound.

Cardi B – Her story is incredible, her attitude is incomparable, and her flow is a major force to be reckoned within the hip-hop and pop communities.  Cardi B is made for stardom and whether people like her opinions or not one thing is for sure — this lady is going to do it her way. Better be there to catch this vision in all her glory.

Cherry Glazerr – Lofi indie rock with mousy female vocals that epitomizes of mixture of three scenes — LA Silverlake hipness, the Burger Records movement, and late-’90s babies with their affection for grunge and nostalgia for the imagery and styles of the early ‘90s.  That said, if you’re part of these crews and don’t know about Cherry Glazerr yet, time to get a clue and catch this staple artist of a youthful generation.

CHIC feat. Nile Rodgers – Disco may be a thing of the past in most people’s mind, but in reality so much of the modern dance and pop music is just built upon the classic work of artists like CHIC, and especially the legendary composer and guitarist, Nile Rodgers.  This pivotal player wrote for the likes of Bowie, Madonna, Daft Punk, Diana Ross, and Duran Duran, just to name a few. You really want to get down to a great dance party? Step back in time to have a taste the disco ensemble that contains some of the forefathers and mothers of modern pop and soul music, as they deserve your full attention!

Chromeo – Canadian funk synth-pop duo Chromeo always brings an energetic performance curated to make the audience lose themselves in good vibe and lots of saucy dance beats.  Make sure you keep that cutie you have your eye on by your side during this set. It’s likely that Chromeo will be just what you need to get lucky in the desert!

Daniel Caesar – Caesar is still a young gun making his moves in the early stages of his career, but they are happening quick and in collaboration with top modern artist like Kali Uchis and BADBADNOTGOOD, which certainly hasn’t hurt.  With close to five million monthly listeners on Spotify, Caesar is succeeding with his particular style of chill R&B and vulnerable songwriting style.

David Byrne – Some artists should definitely be seen before it is too late, and David Byrne absolutely falls into this category of FOMO.  If his name doesn’t stand out on its own, perhaps a listen to The Talking Heads might refresh your memory for his stand-out vocals and songwriting (or if you have yet to discover The Talking Heads, you better get to it asap!).  Not only that, it’s quite likely that fellow Coachella artist, St. Vincent, will join Byrne on stage for a few songs since they actually collaborated back in 2012 for their album, Love This Giant, which is a mix of neo-new wave avant-garde beautiful madness perfect for Coachella evening ambiance.

Eminem – This rap legend is definitely going to have something to say when he gets to the desert in a few weeks.  Never one to hold his tongue, Eminem is a hip-hop powerhouse who may have been misunderstood at times in his career.  That never stopped him from rapidly releasing heavy truth with his sharp, skilled, sarcastic tongue that has made him a true heavy-hitter in the rap community for decades now.  You want to see a memorable performance? Don’t miss Eminem.

FIDLAR – Los Angeles skater garage punk rock at its finest, FIDLAR is a staple to the LA scene and always brings a huge energy to stage.  There may not be many pits to mosh in at Coachella this year, but FIDLAR will more than take care of that department!

First Aid Kit – What a dream to witness these two lovely ladies and hear the sounds of their perfect, delicate, celestial vocals, harmonies and folk guitar.  If you are a lover of beautiful folk pop and incredible musicianship, First Aid Kit must be one your list of artists to see at Coachella.

Fleet Foxes – Years ago I was lucky enough to catch Fleet Foxes at Coachella on the Outdoor Stage in the cool of the Indio evening.  I still remember the feeling their incredible voices and instrumentation gave me that night, and it stays with me as one of my favorite concert moments.  I highly recommend that you let Fleet Foxes capture you in the same way this year.

Haim – The sisters of the pop trio Haim are back for more fun with the Indio crowd.  They have graced not only the Coachella stage, but also the Los Angeles FYF Festival, proving they are a favorite of the Goldenvoice promoters, which is completely justified.  On top of their mesmerizing and lively performance style, Haim also released their 2017 album, Something to Tell You, filled with an even more developed indie rock flavor. This could be an Outdoor Stage dance party, or a sunset cool-down set; either way Haim is sure to make it electric.

Ibeyi – When I was able to see these two lovely, powerful, charismatic sisters of the most exotic musical nature a few years back during their first Coachella performance, it was clear that these ladies were something unique.  With their rhythmic, primal style of world music, interlaced with soul, R&B, Latin folk, and a taste of hip-hop intermixed, Ibeyi makes it easy for you to be transfixed by their beautiful feminine forces during their musical performance.

Jacob Banks – When listening, it’s impossible not to feel the old, profoundly deep essence of Jacob Banks.  For such a young songwriter and performer, he easily pulls the audience into the depths of his soul music. There is a reason he has supported artists on tour like Alicia Keys and Sam Smith on UK tours, and Coachella is lucky to have him for a visit.  Don’t do yourself wrong and miss him.

Jamiroquai – The legendary Jamiroquai released an incredible album in 2017, Automaton, proving his is as relevant as ever in this modern world of music.  Old school funk and soul remains present, of course, but the tones are as modern as ever, showing Jamiroquai’s innate sense of dance music composition continues to get better with age.  There is no doubt that his performance will be on another level, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Jason Bentley – Host of Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW, Jason Bentley is about to curate some of his favorite tunes out in the desert this year.  If you are the type of person who is always searching for that new musical discovery, I highly recommend you make it to his set, and get your Shazam prepped and ready to capture some gems.

Jean-Michel Jarre – King of the synthesizer, top European electronic master, pioneer of ‘70s electro-acoustic production, Jean-Michel Jarre is a must see.  Not only are his sets said to be an absolute incredible spectacle, but for his status, Jarre deserves complete attention by the entire Coachella audience. Whether you are a fan solely of techno music, or on the other side only loving rock, I think you can find the style of Jean-Michel Jarre a mix that will keep everyone on the musical spectrum impressed.

Jessie Ware – With powerful vocals, smooth and strong, Jessie Ware has easily caught the attention of collaborators like SBTRKT, Ed Sheeran, and even Nicki Minaj.  Although these artists are drastically different, that just proves Ware’s ability to take her soulful talent in many directions and continue her rise to stardom because there are no limits for her talent.  And in a live performance, I can imagine the live aesthetic of her vocal acoustics will be impeccable, so swing by for her set if you can.

Jorja Smith – This incredible soul singer is rising to the top of the charts with her English swagger, mixed with heavy R&B beats and gritty guitar accompaniment.  Jorja Smith is not your average artist. There is something that sets her apart, and you had better see for yourself exactly what that is this year in Indio.

Jungle – Goldenvoice has a soft spot for the ensemble Jungle, and thank goodness they do! Jungle is a melange of funk, soul, R&B, pop, and World music all interlaced perfectly with dynamic rhythms, impressive vocals and uplifting lyrics.  Just try to keep your shoulders from shifting and your feet firm on the ground—I assure you that Jungle will make you move—so just embrace it!

Kali Uchis – The saucy Colombian lady, Kali Uchis, has been stealing hearts these last few years and fully establishing her rightful spot in the music world.  Sexy style, seductive jazzy vocals, solid accompaniment, and a growing collection of adoring fans are just a few reasons to observe this charming rose. Find that special someone and shack up with them to really enjoy the full potential of Kali Uchi’s spicy set that will surely heat things up in the desert evening.

Kamasi Washington – Cerebral modern jazz, with a twist of traditional R&B, and a whole lot of incredible innovation.  Kamasi Washington is doing well to keep his genre alive with his improvisational saxophone skills and innate sense of the inner workings of musical form that allow him to produce and lead on live musical masterpieces.  On top of that, his accompaniment does just as an incredible job filling in the sonic space, blending in cohesively to create the perfect balance to their band-leader’s performance. With musical friends like Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar, and Run the Jewels, it is clear Kamasi Washington is well-deserving of his spot on the Coachella lineup again this year.

Kelela – Delicate soulful whispers from Kelela cause the listener to hush and pay attention, and just sink into the heavy bass beat, trap rhythms, tropical house electronic, and ‘90s pop mixture.  It’s easy to catch her influences, from Little Dragon, to Janet Jackson, to Solange, with a base of jazz foundation, built on with modern recording techniques. With her carefully crafted songwriting, performance, and aesthetic, Kelela is a must-see during Coachella this year.

King Krule – Listen to his deep rough and ragged recorded vocals, shaken together with loose and rhythmic blues rock music, and you might imagine King Krule as a big, tough, abrasive old blues artist hailing from Old Britain.  When in fact, King Krule is a dark wave composer, only of 23 years old, ginger hair, of simple stature and an innate inclination for rock and blues music. His performance, however, completely matches his vocal style—profound, visceral, coarse, and completely transfixing.  King Krule is one of a kind and really shouldn’t be missed.

Kygo – Kicking off his tour season with Lollapalooza, Kygo is taking his powerful pop anthems and driving dance beats all over the world throughout 2018, and luckily is making a stop in Indio to give the Coachella crowd a taste of something epic.  Make sure you have a good meet-up spot established with your group, since you don’t want to miss this performance and it’s definitely one to enjoy with the whole crew.

LION BABE – Can you handle the energy, the attitude, the all out powerful vocal stylings and raw rhythmic dancing of LION BABE?  If you are ready to get down and work it to the funky beats they provide, then you are ready to truly appreciate the full potential of having fun at Coachella.  Soak in the sight of lead singer Jillian Hervey and the hypnotic beats of Lucas Goodman as you lose yourself in the sound of this NYC soul ensemble.

LP – To say there is another artist quite like LP at Coachella this year would be an absolute falsehood.  Her mix of New York and Los Angeles living has let her soak in the influences of Joan Jett, Joni Mitchell, and Jeff Buckley, to name a few—but she has fused her own style with a voice unique to her alone.  At first glance, LP might seem to be an enigma of sorts, but to see her play will make total sense why this blues, rock, pop, folk artist secured a spot on the Coachella set list this year.

Marvel Years – I’m not usually one to get too excited about DJ sets, but Marvel Years brings a dynamic production style that is groovy, with an easy rhythm to dance to, and constantly changing tracks that stay interactive and intriguing to listen to.  For those of you who love a good DJ performance, don’t miss Marvel Years.

Miguel – San Pedro native Miguel, is the definition of a success story.  The producer, songwriter, and vocalist, started early at the age of 16, and quickly went up from there.  Grammys, major collaborations accompanying top artists, and his own success in the R&B shows that Miguel is one versatile artist well deserving of his high-ranking stature.  I imagine most of the attendees at Coachella will be packing in at the Coachella Stage to see this star and his charismatic performance.

Moon Boots – Reserved rhythms, but still funky and full of jazzy synth pop that matches perfectly with the mood the name Moon Boots implies.  The perfect mix to cool you off with those hot desert afternoons, it’s best to put on those shades and sway easy while that buzz sets in.

MØ – I imagine the party atmosphere, hypnotizing stage lights, and energetic performance from Danish pop artist, MØ, being a major hit with the Coachella crowd this year.  Whether you are chasing your youth, or still in the thick of it, the jangling melodies heavy with bass beats will let you slip into place in your mind that lets you release all worry and just enjoy the feeling of being in the Indio desert.

Moses Sumney – R&B ballads, effortless jazzy vocal styles, with just the right touch of art-rock mixed in to create the perfect balance of romance and passionate musical honesty.  Expect a stripped down tone of live instruments, gentle with the exact vibe you need to just cool off in the shade of the tent and meditate with an easy relaxation while his music sets you free.

Noname – With a name like that, you might not expect much from hip-hop vocalist, Noname, but that’s a far from accurate depiction of her solid flow and lofi dynamic tracks.  She may be young, but this urban Chicago artist has worked with the likes of Chance the Rapper, gaining her the well-earned attention she deserves.

Odesza – Odesza will be supplying the tasteful and dynamic electronic dance music to kickstart the Coachella night this year!  There is no doubt that set is the perfect way to get into the ethereal mindset and give yourself up to the music festival gods.  Odesza knows how to fashion the perfect feels for a visceral experience you are sure to take back home with you even after the weekend comes to a close.

Oh Sees – As of late 2017, Thee Oh Sees have made some new transitions, including band member changes, as well as a some new recordings, new album and a new EP, and so with it came a name (two actually) change as well.  So when you see Oh Sees on the set list, it is still the rock genius John Dwyer and his 20+ years of pure musical power at the helm, so set aside some time to let the psychedelic fuzzy rock wash over you in its current form!

Otoboke Beaver – This was a strangely pleasant surprise, to first imbibe the rough garage punk pop from Japan’s Otoboke Beaver.  Oh yeah these young women may look cute, but they will blaze up the stage with their relentless energy and driving riffs that might leave you saying “WTF?” in the best way possible.

Perfume Genius – Perfume Genius first and foremost is an artist.  That being said, this mind full of innovation has figured out how to seamlessly translate that genius into his music in a way that is difficult to fully define.  At times, he can flux from gentle pop ballads, to huge productions of dynamic avant-garde glam rock. I imagine the spectacle with Perfume Genius will be inspirational and breathtaking, so make sure to see it.

Portugal. The Man – Indie music staple, Portugal. The Man is hitting 2018 hard with a huge world tour ahead, their hit single, “Feel It Still”, all over every radio station, and some solid energy in their 2017 release, Woodstock.  I imagine this performance as a huge mass of rhythmic dancing under the Coachella moonlight, electric feelings and the perfect set to let yourself go completely.

Post Malone – His Southern melodic hip-hop bursting with deep and somber lyrics will be ideal for when the desert sun starts to fade behind the hillside and the day finally comes to a cool temperature.  Watch Post Malone while you are rebooting your battery, quenching in the calm of sitting on the grass. Just relax and vibe.

PVRIS – The ethereal and somber songwriting of PVRIS, intermingled with dynamic electro-rock composing is just the right soundtrack for the first taste of nighttime at Coachella.  Soak up their energy and follow the flashing lights into the night while you imbibe the vibe of PVRIS. It’s time to party!

Sir Sly – Orange County/LA artist, Sir Sly, is the definition of indie rock, but with the most interesting twist of subtle hip-hop vibes.  Expect to see a performance that’s ripe with new releases from their most recent album, Don’t You Worry, Honey.

Slow Magic – The duality of Slow Magic’s music is a thing of beauty, and sets him apart from others in the electro-pop category.  With his recent release, the sound has adapted even more, now including live drums and vocals which hopefully add to the spectacle of his performance this year at Coachella.  If you’re looking for an exceptional experience, Slow Magic must be on your list of artists to witness.

Snakehips – When it comes to musical boundaries, UK producers Snakehips certainly don’t stick to one genre when it comes to collaboration.  Do they keep to their left-field electronic style when working with the likes of Banks, The Weeknd, Chance the Rapper, Joey Bada$$, and MØ? Absolutely.  But when you have that production sound that works so well, it’s the exact reason these types of artists do all they can to work with such a solid artist.  Let’s see who might show up to join Snakehips out in the desert this year—with the crew of friend Snakehips has, it could be a powerhouse of a set and you don’t want to miss it!

Soulwax – For lovers of Boys Noize, MSTRKRFT, and Justice, Soulwax is the perfect blend of dance electronic and catchy rhythmic vocals, with just the right amount of innovation.  With their production experiences working with MGMT, Hot Chip, and LCD Soundsystem, it’s easy to navigate these influences in Soulwax’s own music. There is no doubt that these underground legends are definitely going to bring a perfect party vibe to their set out in Indio.

St. Vincent – With her clever, cheeky, delicate yet raw lyrics, St. Vincent is an absolute musical gem.  Not only that, her performance style is always tastefully artistic and over-the-top in an exceptionally curated way.  Even her 2017 release, MASSEDUCTION, as vulgar as an album with such a title could be, is profound and saturated in impressive modern compositions.  Imagine the setting as this: evening has officially set in at Coachella, St. Vincent is in thigh-high pink kinky boots, lights are bright, the night is cool, and this powerfully beautiful creature is hypnotizing with her entertainment.  Don’t miss this feeling.

SZA – Breakout artist SZA had quite a progression in 2017 and the rise continues in 2018.  A gentle demeanor, with a raw urban style, and a hypnotizing vocal tone makes it hard to look away from this modern princess of soul and hip-hop.  With associates like Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, and Travis Scott, SZA runs with a solid crew proving it would be a shame to miss her.

Tank & The Bangas – New Orleans ensemble Tank & The Bangas have a bit deceiving name.  The group is led by a soulful, charismatic, dramatic female vocalist, with steady and perfect vocal inflection and control that would make the legends of soul and jazz proud.  If you are prepared to witness a cerebral type of R&B will some incredible live musicians, put Tank & The Bangers on your list.

Tash Sultana – To say Tash Sultana is a unique performer is an understatement.  Despite her age, this young gun Australian songwriter and guitar player has already made an immense statement with audiences all over the world.  The gritty tone of her voice and playing is something enthralling, and her set is sure to be something to remember.

The Black Madonna – Making her return to Coachella, The Black Madonna is a top DJ who is doing well to hold down the dance floor with her exquisite musical inclinations and mixing style.  If electronic music is your mainstay (or even if it isn’t), you better make sure to add The Black Madonna to your list of artists to dance your ass off to.

The Bronx – Ahhh, The Bronx.  These Goldenvoice favorites always bring an energetic and engaging show pumped full of high-octane, which is why they continue to play great venues and festivals throughout the Southern California area.  This spring they have a great national and world tour planned, so see this heavy rock staple early on when their fresh in their trek.

The Buttertones – One of my favorite bands to recently develop from the LA area, The Buttertones have a unique rocker, surf, garage, crooner, punk sound and a huge energy.  As you can imagine, this mixture, with a splash of major charismatic personality, raunchy sax rhythms, and vintage tones makes the crowd go absolutely crazy. Make sure you add The Buttertones to your list of artists to see in the desert since these guys are making their way to the top – and quick!

The Drums – Dreamy indie pop with a hint of vintage surf rhythms and romantic, desperate, nostalgic vocals and lyrics makes The Drums hard to resist.  When I saw them at The Observatory a few years back, lead singer Jonny Pierce had the entire audience in the palm of his hand, with every person in the place singing along to every single word.  I imagine the sun just set in the desert, with Pierce working his magic in just the same way.

The Marías – Wistful indie rock with a whispering female vocalist and a dynamic ability to compose and produce just the right amount of effortless complexity.  This group caught the attention of Albert Hammond Jr. and are set to tour with him this spring. Might be best to include them on your list of artists to see while wandering Coachella.

The Neighbourhood – Shadowy and sombre darkwave synth pop that keeps the beat driving with a powerful rhythm that makes the need to dance a must.  Ethereal tones with smooth and solid vocals sets The Neighbourhood apart from others in this genre, and there is no doubt their set will be a striking experience to take home from the desert this year.

The Regrettes – This young ensemble of lofi indie rockers might look sweet, but their sound is tenacious with refreshingly honest and blunt lyrics to go along.  It’s inevitable they are set to continue rising in popularity, so it’s a good idea to see them this year while still in their early stages of growth.

The War On Drugs – 10 years after their first released recordings, and it’s very clear The War On Drugs has really hit their stride.  The album Lost In The Dream, released in 2014, was so well accepted by listeners that it sustained their Indie rock momentum, earning them a spot high on the set list this year for Coachella.  And with 2017 came another album, a beautiful construction of incredible production and dynamic songwriting from the ensemble. Relax casually in the cool grass, kick back, and feel the wave of The War On Drugs wash over your senses.

The Weeknd – This Grammy award winner with some of the smoothest pop vocals over fresh R&B compositions has completely earned his spot at the top of the bill for Coachella.  If you don’t know The Weeknd, it’s time to get a clue and make sure you catch his set.

Tyler, The Creator – Unique, raw, heavy, incredibly idiosyncratic, sarcastic, and giving no fucks, Tyler, The Creator is one of a kind, not only for hip-hop and soul music, but for performance art in general (which is the essence of his label, Odd Future).  If you’ve had a taste of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in LA (also presented by Goldenvoice, and hosted by Tyler, The Creator), you are definitely aware of the spectacle he is able to present, and I’m sure he won’t fall short of this while on stage this year at Coachella.  

Vance Joy – Romantic folk rock with pleading lyrics, Vance Joy has a magnetism that makes the mood feel full of nostalgia and want for a tender touch.  Jangling compositions are loose and free, just perfect for a sunset set at Coachella.

Vince Staples –The Norf side Long Beach rapper is back to Coachella again, and I still have clear memories of his incredible performance from the first time around in 2016 with what might be the most amazing stage rig of floating cubes with screens mirroring each of his moments on stage.  Not only is his performance style gritty and his lyrics cerebral, his presence is powerful and intoxicating. Back and bigger than ever, Vince Staples is sure not to disappoint at Coachella 2018.

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