The Beach Barrel Replaces Biggie Baguette In Newport

I reviewed Biggie Baguette or Quebec Montreal Poutine, whichever name it finally went by, late last summer for its poutine–the Canadian staple of fries in gravy with cheese curds. A few months later Biggie Baguette or Quebec Montreal Poutine, whichever it was, closed.


Now a new tenant has moved in. It painted over all the signatures on the wall and hung surf posters. The new place is called The Beach Barrel and it had its grand opening yesterday.

The Beach Barrel specializes in flatbread pizzas, but also does burgers and hot dogs, which means it technically doesn't actually have a specialty. But it does offer a “specialized kabobs”, and if you look at its Facebook page, there are more pictures of their flatbread pizzas than anything else, as though its a special point of pride.

3305 Newport Boulevard, Suite E, Newport Beach, California, (949) 531-6222;

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