The Antidote to Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa Cake

Behold the antidote to Sandra Lee's infamous Kwanzaa Cake. Watch the video above from my favorite YouTube cooking show Cooking With Dog (scratch that, it's my favorite cooking show on any medium) as a Japanese woman creates a Christmas cake from scratch. She even whips the cream by hand. I repeat. By hand!

The video, fresh from the editing room, came out last week, fortuitously, coincidentally, on about the same day the revelations came out on the origins of Sandra Lee's laughable contribution to the world. It sets the world right again, tips the karmic balance to the good, and, like I said, isn't even on TV. More after the jump!


If this is the first time you've even heard of Cooking with Dog, let me introduce it to you this way: in every sense of the word, Cooking with Dog is the diametric opposite of everything Sandra Lee stands for. Other than the dog (who's called Francis), you don't even know the woman's name. They peddle no cookbook (so far). They're not preaching a lifestyle brand. And aside from getting lots of comments, ratings and a coveted YouTube partnership, they don't seem to be looking to get anything out of their efforts.

If you watch their videos from day one, their goal seems to be altruistic: teaching people how to cook! A concept that seems lost on our Semi-Homemade Food TV host…

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