The Answer at Farmhouse at Roger’s Gardens, Our Drink of the Week!

Another year, another set of winners at the Golden Foodies Awards. And Rich Mead’s spectacular Farmhouse at Roger’s Gardens walked away with two trophies: one expected, one not. It wasn’t a big surprise that Mead won for Chef of the Year: the man knows his way around vegetables the way Bach worked a harpsichord. But in a bit of an upset, Farmhouse also took top prize for Best Cocktails in Orange County.

Don’t get me wrong: the cocktails here are strong, inventive, and reasonably priced for its ZIP Code. But Farmhouse doesn’t get mentioned in the same breath as the 320 Mains, Orticas and Mercados of the world. That’ll hopefully change with the Golden Foodies victory, and will definitely happen if any classy winos try The Answer.

It’s a bittersweet dream: Benedictine, chartreuse, sweet vermouth, and rye—a bold counter to Mead’s delicate-yet-hearty creations. But it’s a perfect way to enjoy Farmhouse’s views, and to fend off the coming cold: strong, a tad bit syrupy, but multilayered and generous in its portion. Congrats to Mead and his team. And all other OC cocktail programs? #respect the legend.

2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd., Corona Del Mar, (949) 640-1415;

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