'The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head'

Imagine being able to pop off your nose and replace it with a more flattering version on a whim or restyling those bloodshot, hungover eyes with a fresh set of peepers willy-nilly. Until science catches up with our vivid imaginations, we’re stuck being envious of the only creature on Earth with such powers: Mr. Potato Head. And wouldn’t you know it, that bastard has generated the ability to magically change “parts” in another way now, too. During Discovery Science Center’s “The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head” exhibit, our favorite tuber will have the ability to transition careers without ever having to go through training or the dreaded interview process. Witness the magic starch leading guests through amazing adventures to outer space, jungle safaris, archaeological digs and undersea dives—all the while providing learning opportunities for those who choose to tag along, original parts intact. The world can be so unfair.

June 14-Sept. 11, 2011

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