The Adventures of G.I. Enviro Joe

Tree sitter John Quigley managed to save a 400-year-old oak tree from being uprooted by Newport Beach developer John Laing Homes for 71 days before cops and security guards forced him down on Jan. 10. That makes Quigley a hero among some folks—and certainly worthy of his own action figure once we can sloppily obtain precious resources and exploit Third World workers in order to mass produce the things. Meanwhile, see what kids of all ages can do with our prototype.

G.I. Enviro Joe will chain himself to this rose tree if need be to save it from callous corporate interests.

Spike the Security Goon (sold separately) helps G.I. Enviro Joe see his way clear to capitulate.

G. I. Enviro Joe can't save every tree, but instant celebrity can bring sweet, sweet Earth-muffin ass.

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