The Acting-Loving Jack Anderson

The county is still abuzz about the failed jewelry heist at the Shops at Mission Viejo that left an idiot in a bad wig dead and the Orange County Sheriff Department investigating its own since two deputies shot the guy. Given that Kirk Christian Knight (just one letter removed from KKK!) fired at the deputies, this latest death under OCSD watch is much more justified than, say, the John Chamberlain affair. But what's been the strangest development so far is the visibility of acting sheriff Jack Anderson. The Caronie (h/t to Steve Greenhut) is openly jonesing to permanently assume leadership over the fifth-largest sheriff's department in the U.S.A. by embarking on moves that are good but still tainted because, hey: Anderson's a Caronie. And to let the county know who he is, he addressed news cameras on Sunday instead of usual sheriff spinner Jim Amormino, and gave an in-depth interview to the Orange County Register yesterday, continuing his predecessor's proud tradition of hogging the spotlight when the men in green come out looking like the heroes they're supposed to be. And when not? We shall see…

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