The Academy Is…Breaking Up

The Academy Is… are leaving people hanging for real–and are calling it quits. In the band's official website, The Academy Is… said they've “decided to go our separate ways.”

Singer Williams Beckett, guitarist Mike Carden and bassist Adam Siska said in the announcement that they, “look back at the records we've made, the show's
we've played, the places we've been. The people we've met. The Academy
Is… has made its mark.”

The Academy
Is… formed in Chicago in 2003, and became regulars at Warped Tour with their commercially-viable alt-rock songs. Almost half-a-million copies of their full length albums altogether: 2005's Almost Here, 2007's Santi, and 2008's Fast Times at Barrington High.  In May this year, drummer Andy Mrotek and guitarist Michael Guy Chislett left the group.

Beckett elaborated about the breakup in his blog, saying creative differences caused the split.  “For years
there has been a growing distance felt within the band as we've
progressed, both geographically and artistically,and
instead of trying to patch the holes we're left with, my heart tells me
it's time to move on with the next chapter in our lives,” he said.

The news comes right before a US tour with Jack's Mannequin in a supporting role.

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