The '90s Are Coming—To Your Feet!

The 1990s were a horrible time for footwear. It's as though designers asked, “How bulky, obnoxious and tall can we make a shoe and still make a profit?” And then they stretched that question to the limit.

Last year, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing gals in chunky, Jeffrey Campbell platform boots, so it was only a matter of time before the company brought back the platform sneaker. Steve Madden, Aldo, Converse and Vans are all following suit with their collections as well. Makes you wonder what other type of Spice Girl chic is going to make a comeback: Union Jacks and Scary Spice's hair horns?

A trip to the Nordstrom shoe section will surround you with a neon rainbow of high-top sneakers with velcro straps, including the classic Nike Dunks, but also designer interpretations by Marc Jacobs, Prada and Chloe. Several of these designs include sneakers with a wedge heel—you know, for those days you just can't decide if tennis shoes or heels would look better with your dress.

Then there's the dated trend that won't die: acid wash. Every few years, that style tries to make a comeback. Usually, you'll see it with jackets and jeans, but now look shoe-ward. Vans is now offering its classic sneaker in pink, blue and black acid-wash-denim varieties.

Grunge and punk shoe staple Dr. Martens boots have been enjoying a resurgence with young, fashionable types, thanks to girly twists on their iconic work boots; you'll find floral prints, velvet and lace accents.

Each of these recycled shoe trends offers gals a chance to relieve their youth. Wonder how long it'll be until companies try to bring back the jelly sandal again. . . .


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