The 2015 Oscars Bored Twitter to Death

Last night the 87th Academy Awards was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris (and can it be the last time pretty please?) and in case you missed out, the viewers were treated to a Tony Awards style entrance, brief nudity (we wish we could unsee), a lot of fucking with Octavia Spencer, and a ton of “jokes” that clearly needed to be rewritten if they were going to get real laughs instead of forced ones.


If you didn't tune in, you also missed Patricia Arquette interjecting a bit of politics in her speech, a few “WTF were they saying” winners, Joan Rivers, Jan Hooks, Elaine Stritch, and Taylor Negron not being in the “In Memoriam,” excessive gum chewing by Michael Keaton, and Robert Duvall somehow not being nominated for the fucks he didn't give about NPH's antics (which he nailed by the way). There were plenty of tunes like Tegan and Sara along with The Lonely Island, Rita Ora, Lady Gaga killing it with a “Sound of Music” tribute, and Common and John Legend singing “Glory” which later took home an award. The host though? Well it was pretty much unanimous around the Twittersphere that Neil Patrick Harris's jokes sucked and the show as a whole was a total snoozefest. Hey, when Katie Couric says it, it has to be true right?

So maybe you loved the show, your favorite movie won, and your favorite celeb looked flawless. But online, the usual snark dished out was at an all-time low. We assume most of the “live-tweeters” were lulled into a boredom coma as “bored” seemed to be the theme. Nonetheless, we braved the 2015 Oscars (aka the shit show) to grab some of the finest tweets the interwebs had to offer last night. You owe us one.

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