The 10 Most Satanic Metal Bands

No other genre can claim a connection to evil like heavy metal. Whether it's a brutal Satanic death metal band from Florida, a church-burning Norwegian black metal band, or a Mexican gang of Devil-worshiping drug lords, we decided to dig deep into the fiery underground pits of Hell for our selection of the Top 10 Most Satanic Metal Bands. This is a list that would make Lucifer himself proud.

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10. Nattefrost
As lead singer for Scandinavian black metal miscreants Carpathian Forrest, Nattefrost is the solo band by the singer of the same name, which is even more Satanic than Carpathian Forrest, who are pretty damn evil to begin with. With a very caustic chainsaw, speed metal punk fury, this band revives the eerie old school sound of bands like Hellhammer, Darkthrone, and Mayhem, with a necro-obsessed theme, and calling for evil entities and dark forces. With songs like “Satanic Victory,” “Sluts of Hell,” and “Mass Destruction” all from the 2004 album Blood and Vomit, the band is uncompromising in lyrics and raw power. Terrorist, an album from 2006, features more misanthropic torture, with songs like “Primitive Death,” “Goat Worship,” and “Satan is Endless Satan is Timeless.” Basically, it's the type of scary music that you would hear in a Born Again Christian's nightmares.

9. Morbid Angel
Since the debut of an extreme metal classic in 1989, Altars of Madness Morbid Angel have mastered the art form of extreme metal, producing some of the most evil-sounding heavy metal music in existence. With a foundation of musical technicality that is nothing short of sorcery, the roots of the Florida-bred band are steeped in the occult and worship of the beast, but have moved towards more dark, spiritual and esoteric themes, such Sumerian deities, mythology and even ancient incantations and witchcraft.

Morbid Angel are included with their peers in Deicide and Cannibal Corpse as being the most successful first wave of American death metal bands. Ironically, what is considered to be the band's most Satanic album, 1993's Covenant was the first album released by a death metal band, on a major record label (a subsidiary of Warner Bros) and is still ranked among the some of the best selling death metal albums of all time. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Covenant, the band will perform the album in its entirety on tour beginning in November.

8.The Electric Hell Fire Club(EHC)
Thomas Thorn, aka “Buck Ryder” from My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, formed this obscure alternative/electro/ industrial metal band of evil hippies in Wisconsin in 1991. The EHC made music that repeatedly made references to serial killers, mass murder, Devil worship, carnal lust, orgies and drug abuse. Thorn is literally an ordained priest in the Church of Satan, and even gave a eulogy for the Church's creator, Anton LaVey, when he died in 1997.

Norwegian black metal band Satyricon was obsessed with medieval history since its formation in the early '90s. With the first several albums focusing on forests and castles, the band developed a sound that is today as sinister as black metal but still accessible enough to be popular. The secret arsenal behind the fury of Satyricon is the powerhouse drummer Frost, a black metal legend with piercing rhythm and inhuman speed.

Led by vocalist and lyricist Satyr, the band takes a modern approach to raw black metal such as Darkthrone, Bathory and Burzum, and music inspired by Mother Earth, ancient Paganism, the Occult and the nature of Evil. Be sure to check out the entire band's catalogue and arguably the band's best collections: Nemesis Divina (1996) and Rebel Extravaganza (1999) Volcano (2002) and Now, Diabolical (2006).

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Taking the band name from an ancient Babylonian God, Marduk is a black metal band from Sweden formed in 1990. The band's musical themes include religious and philosophical Satanism, anti-Christianity, and a dark look into the past, including brutal memories of World War II and atrocities committed by The Third Reich. One of the band's infamous early demo covers depicts a nun using a crucifix to Masturbate, and the words “F**K Me Jesus.” A few choice song titles include “Jesus Christ Sodomized,” “Death Sex Ejaculation,” “Burn My Coffin,” “Blessed Unholy,” and 'With Satan and “Victorious Weapons.” Due to the prominent theme of World War II, many have accused the band of being racist, anti-Semitic and even National Socialist, but the band members have insisted Marduk has no political agenda, but uses the history of Fascist Germany for artistic purposes and music only.


5. Behemoth 
Hailing from Poland, Behemoth formed in 1991 and earned a local following as a traditional black metal band, with early themes of Nordic Paganism and the occult and is led by singer and guitarist Nergal. Merging the mysticism and image of black metal with the force, precision and brutality of death metal, the band kept true to its lyrical content which explored ancient anti-Christian themes, as well as other Satanic philosophies.

Key albums to check out include Satanica (1999) Thelma6 (2000) and The Apostasy (2007). The band almost dissolved when Nergal was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010. After a long recovery however the band are back in full effect and the music isn't getting any less evil in sound. The band's new album due out early next year is entitled The Satanist.

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Long known as a cult band, and rumored to be made up of actual Mexican Satanic Drug Lords, or members of bands like Fear Factory, Napalm Death, Carcass, Faith No More, Dead Kennedys, Terrorizer and others, the legendary Brujeria create some of the most sinful, wicked music known to mankind, even if you don't understand of word of Spanish. The music speaks for itself: grinding guitars, a bit of times groovy death metal, lyrics sung all in Spanish. Brujeria, translates in English to “Witchcraft,” and as a band is known for such shocking musical tales as “Narcos Satanicos”(Satanic Drug-Dealers), “Molestando Ninos Muertos” (Molesting Dead Children) “Almas de Venta”(Souls for Sale), or “Sesos Humanos Sacrificio” (Human Brain Sacrafice) among many others.

The band's most infamous album is 1993's Matando Gueros(Killing Whiteboys) which featured a real life picture of a man's decapitated, rotting head on the cover. This led the FBI to question band members on how they obtained the gruesome photo.

3.Dark Funeral
Emerging from Sweden in the early '90s, Dark Funeral is in the same league as contemporaries Gorgoroth and Marduk. The band came to fruition just at peak of the Norwegian black metal explosion in Norway, which was a time when the grim music matched a masochistic and violent lifestyle of black metal artists: murders, church burnings, Satanism, self-mutilation, suicide, drug abuse and even in some cases homophobia and racism.

Dark Funeral's music focuses more on literal depictions of the underworld, Hell and End Times in their albums, which include many symphonic, nocturnal, and symphonic black metal hymns dedicated towards hatred, misanthropy, devil worship and the black arts. Dark Funeral's sound is agonizing yet melodic, beautiful yet destructive; and is best experienced in the live setting, with shows often consisting of corpse paint, blood, fire breathing, pentagrams, leather and spikes.

This American death metal band was formed in 1987 in Tampa, Florida, and from the onslaught was a musical homage to Satan, offering up a confrontational, overtly Satanic attack against Christianity with each album and live show. The band's name literally means the killing of God—so there's that. Founding member, bassist and vocalist Glen Benton's throat is consistently deep and demonic while his lyrics are blasphemous. It is no shock that the band stirs up controversy among many fundamentalist Christian groups with albums titles like Once Upon the Cross (1995), Serpents of the Light (1997), In Torment In Hell (2001), and To Hell With God (2011).

Benton even has had an inverted cross branded into his forehead, to prove his loyalty to the Dark Lord, though former band mates have questioned his sincerity over the years. Despite numerous lineup changes, Deicide currently features drummer/founding member Steve Asheim, and guitarists Jack Owen and Kevin Quirion. Early in the band's career, Deicide was hounded by Church protests, animal rights groups who alleged animal torture, and even several lawsuits alleging the music influenced suicide, crime, and even murder.

After over a quarter of a Century of hellish death metal, the band is promoting its 11th studio album, entitled In the Minds of Evil. This is one extreme metal band that will slow down when Hell freezes over. Deicide is in the top three highest selling death metal bands of all time, (along with Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel). After all these years these guys are on top of their game and still sound evil as fuck.


Formed in 1984 in Norway, Mayhem's hellish sound and violent lifestyle still serves as the epitome of true Norwegian black metal. The band have gone through countless lineup changes since their dark inception, initially inspired by the likes of Slayer, Celtic Frost, Venom, Judas Priest and Motorhead. But as time went on the music became faster, darker, more violent and grim, with depressing, macabre and even Satanic themes and lyrics focused on death and the occult. The band's original singer, 'Dead' committed suicide by blowing his brains out with a shotgun in 1991(pictures taken by the band's guitarist Euronymous are on the bootleg live album Dawn of the Black Hearts) but even Dead's death wouldn't slow the band Mayhem down.

Shortly after this, more violence ensued around the band, including original bass player Varg Vikernes (Burzum) who committed a spree of church arsons, to proclaim his hatred for Christianity; and the eventual murder of Euronymous, by Vikernes in 1993, just before the release of the Mayhem's quintessential album, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, a Latin phrase meaning Lord Satan's Mysterious Secret Rites. The record came out in 1994, when Vikernes was sentenced for the murder of Euronymous. The album also eerily contains lyrics written by Dead before his suicide, and the last songs recorded by Euronymous before he was killed.

Almost 20 years after the literal mayhem, Mayhem the band has survived the first decade of the 21sts Century, and currently features original members, drummer Hellhammer, and bassist Necrobutcher, along with long time singer Atilla Csihar and guitarist Teloch. The band's performances have in the recent past included blood, knives, and even pig's heads on metal spikes. With seven full-length albums under its spiked bullet belt, there is no light that could slow down these unholy black metal veterans. May God have mercy on their damned souls.

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  1. I know the precious HOLY SPIRIT doesn’t want me to listen to this pure trash, so I won’t!

    But this is too all the people who think Jimmy Page and Led Zep are satan worshippers. Please pray and ask GOD to reveal the truth to you. I watched the top 3 videos and can’t imagine what damaged them so severely.

    Sorry I can’t have any pity for Marduk the way they talk about JESUS.

    1. Im right with you in Yeshua.. it must be total posession by the demonic. But it takes courage to bring truth even when you know it will be rejected. They will cry out for mercy but none will be given. Free will means you can take the left or the right path but you.must choose. I feel empathy for the lost.

  2. I used to be afraid of Heavy Metal and Satan Worship, now I am a firm believer in it. I have seen policemen lie on the witness stand and steal your home. The preachers back them up, they are thieves too. We go overseas and destroy an entire country over petroleum and institutionalize people that have valid solutions. As far as I can tell the reason we had World War Two was because the Japanese and Germans were practicing alternative energy. We cannot stand to be told we are wrong. Removing petroleum takes away weight. We can be getting closer to the sun. Fuel can be made from AC current and water. Five gallon bucket. Three, two wire, white, six foot extension cords. Cut off female ends with knife. Cut between wires, pull wires apart. Bare ends one inch. Tape each end to bottom sides of bucket with two inch strip of stainless steel tape. Fill with water, burnable fuel in two and a half hours.

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