The 10 Best 2017 Billboard Music Awards Tweets

Ludacris and Vanessa Hudgens came at us live from Vegas (baaabby) to help shed the spotlight on some of the top music makers in the industry last night at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. For your enjoyment, Nicki Minaj kicked it off with a long as fuck song montage, The Chainsmokers preformed a song clearly called “It’s Hard When You’re Young” because they said it about 453,953 times, Drake was in a fountain, we got a taste of yet another “new” Miley Cyrus, Lorde did karaoke, this gal named Julia Michaels sang about her issues in weird ass accent, and if your head is currently in a whirlwind of “I’m much too old for this new shit,” not to worry. There were also some oldies on hand with Puff Daddy (channeling Zorro), Celine Dion (channeling a swan flower or some shit), Cher (channeling Katy Perry’s grand-ma-ma), and Gwen Stefani (who stole a dress from a teeny tiny baby doll). So yeah, OK, we tapped out.

But let’s be real. Three hours is a lot to commit to the who’s who of music and some that just made us say, who? (No disrespect, BTS.) So if you missed the festivities of this mashup because you realized no one was paying you for watching the magic that was last night’s #BBMAs, fret not. Twitter was ablaze flinging the existence of the show riddled with sass and snark straight up into our timeline. From the good to the bad and the downright shady, here are ten of our fav tweets from the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

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